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GTA III/VC/SA classic sub-forums


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I know this is a big ask, but... can we not delete these sections and instead just have the general III/VC/SA sub-forums?


As I don't owe Definiteve Edition, I never go into those sections, but it seems that a lot of people are posting general questions/discussions in there (on which all I miss out). Many of them equally apply to the Classic versions of the games, but by having DE/Classic separated we therefore limit the audience that sees those topics depending on where we post. There just isn't a place for people to discuss the games in general. Now that a lot of time has passed since DE release, would it not be better to revert the forums to how they used to be, with a broader III/VC/SA sub-forums, incorporating all versions of the game?

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Someone actually wants those sections gone?


...To be fair though, it would make sense to at least end the segregation of sorts, since not only should the main subforum of each game not be dedicated to the inferior Defective Edition imo, but the top threads in them generally seem like they could apply to any version anyway.


But as long as the combined 1k pages or so of the classic trilogy discussions are here to stay, I don't really mind either way.

Edited by Carbonox
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On 1/17/2023 at 11:49 PM, Carbonox said:

Someone actually wants those sections gone?

Well, I meant merge them with the DE sub-forum; effectively deleting the hierarchy, bu keeping the content :p But thanks for spotting, I definitely don't want the contents deleted!

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