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My GTA SA Freezes Without Log When Adding Paths


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Sorry If My English Is Bad, It's Because I'm Using Google Translate. Anyway, I had downloaded a New Island Mod for GTA SA but the mod doesn't come with traffic and pedestrians walking on the streets, so I searched a tool to create car and pedestrian paths until I found two, the first was:Visual Path Editor(https://forum.mixmods.com.br/f5-scripts-codigos/t5938-sa-wip-visual-path-editor-1-0) and the second was: Aschratts path editor(https://gamebanana .com/tools/download/3601#FileInfo_164454) I used these two tools to create new paths, after finishing I went to test it, so I opened gta and went to this island that I downloaded, when I went to see the paths I had created there were kinda buggy, like: cars being thrown violently, cars spawning very close to the player... if the problems were just that I wouldn't care so much, but the problem that bothered me was that in some parts of the island when I gained wanted levels , some car with an angry driver spawned or a frightened pedestrian ran, the game simply freezes and without log(not even in modloader), I went to see what it was and saw that it was the paths I had created, since then I have tried in many ways to correct this crash but so far I have not been able to correct it, and now I don't know what to do anymore.

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