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I am one,

One is all,

Flowers bloom, 

And leaves fall. 


I am one,

One is I,

I am the earth,

I am the sky. 


I am one,

And also none,

Without another,

There is no one. 


I am all,

All is I,

I see it all,

But that's not I. 


I am one,

And you are one,

The same of that which is the one. 


So now dear child,

Please look inside,

And find this truth,

You are but I. 

Do see here now,

Your golden spirit,

You are love, 

And love is with us. 


Now ask yourself,

Who am I?

I'm not this body, 

I'm not this mind. 


Much more than that,

I am the one,

Not the sunlight,

But the sun. 


And from the sun,

And from the one,

I shall return,

To be as one. 


I am beyond,

All words described,

You are one,

And one is I. 


I am. 




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My prose analysis isn't much good but I'll give it a shot. I love the minimalism and repetition of the stanzas, which really gives you that feel of solipsism you were going for, I hope. It feels like a very introspective piece that relates back to the self, and the self-actualization of being something and nothing. I'd say more on it but I'm probably butchering my own perception of it. It's very well written. 

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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