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GTA MIXED + Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1 = Crash?


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Hello, after 15 years I wanted to mess around with gta san andreas. So I installed some car mods. But my car mods required Improved vehicle feature 2.1.1 mod for the car models to work correctly. So I also installed Improved Vehicle Feature 2.1.1.then I came across with gta mixed mod( a mod that combines vice city and liberty city map with san andreas) I installed gta mixed But I then my game crashed exactly after ending the loading screen. here's what crashinfo told me


Error: 0x007F3825
Problem: Unloading a texture. It has been reported after installing/uninstalling some vehicle without exiting the game using ModLoader (quite possibly any mod that includes texture?)
Solution: ModLoader has certain problems with this type of installation these days. It is best to avoid installing like this.

!!! Translation may be wrong !!!

Unhandled exception at 0x007F3825 in gta_sa.exe (+0x3f3825): 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000054.
    Register dump:
        EAX: 0x007F3820  EBX: 0x03CB04E4  ECX: 0x007F3820  EDX: 0x00000000  
        EDI: 0x6F7F7680  ESI: 0x00000000  EBP: 0x0177F8A0  EIP: 0x007F3825  
        ESP: 0x0177F86C  EFL: 0x00010202  CS: 0x00000023   SS: 0x0000002B   
        GS: 0x0000002B   FS: 0x00000053   ES: 0x0000002B   DS: 0x0000002B   
    Stack dump:
        0x0177F86C:  03CB04E0 6F7C3BC8 00000000 1010A32C 6F7E4668 6F7F7680
        0x0177F884:  03CB04E0 03CB04E4 6F7CE28D 00000001 00000001 00000000
        0x0177F89C:  00000001 761482B0 00748D00 00000001 019E334F 0177F958
        0x0177F8B4:  FFFFFFFF 00522508 00000001 03C321D0 00000008 00000100
        0x0177F8CC:  00000008 00000102 43C80000 43960000 00000000 00000000
        0x0177F8E4:  00000320 00000258 00000000 4C474E41 000E053E 00000202
        0x0177F8FC:  00000000 00EA0168 065F6C88 00000168 000000EA 0000002C
        0x0177F914:  00000000 00000001 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF
        0x0177F92C:  00000000 00000000 00000320 00000258 6F51FB94 00400000
        0x0177F944:  00000000 019E334F 00000001 0474D164 0177FA34 0177F988
        base: 0x01580000   top: 0x0177F86C   bottom: 0x01780000
    Backtrace (may be wrong):
        =>0x007F3825 _RwTextureDestroy+0x5 in gta_sa.exe (+0x3f3825) (0x0177F8A0) 
          0x00748D00 _WinMain+0x5f0 in gta_sa.exe (+0x348d00) (0x0177F938) 
          0x6F51FB94 in modloader.asi (+0x1fb94) (0x0177F958) 
          0x6F51DE46 in modloader.asi (+0x1de46) (0x0177F988) 
          0x6F51B83B in modloader.asi (+0x1b83b) (0x0177F9DC) 
          0x6F51FBBB in modloader.asi (+0x1fbbb) (0x0177F9FC) 
          0x6F51E202 in modloader.asi (+0x1e202) (0x0177FA2C) 
          0x6F5207BB in modloader.asi (+0x207bb) (0x0177FBB8) 
          0x6F520188 in modloader.asi (+0x20188) (0x0177FBD0) 
          0x6F51DF18 in modloader.asi (+0x1df18) (0x0177FC00) 
          0x6F51B83B in modloader.asi (+0x1b83b) (0x0177FC54) 
          0x6F51FBBB in modloader.asi (+0x1fbbb) (0x0177FC74) 
          0x6F51E202 in modloader.asi (+0x1e202) (0x0177FCA4) 
          0x6F5207BB in modloader.asi (+0x207bb) (0x0177FE30) 
          0x6F520188 in modloader.asi (+0x20188) (0x0177FE48) 
          0x008246F1 __CrtMain+0x181 in gta_sa.exe (+0x4246f1) (0x0177FF70) 
          0x758500F9 BaseThreadInitThunk+0x19 in KERNEL32.DLL (+0x200f9) (0x0177FF80) 
          0x777E7BBE RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0x11e in ntdll.dll (+0x67bbe) (0x0177FFDC) 
          0x777E7B8E RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0xee in ntdll.dll (+0x67b8e) (0x0177FFEC) 



NOTE : I NEVER deleted any car mod like this from modloader
I have the original 1.0 version of gtasa.exe (no cd fix and largeadress enabled) and I only use fastman92 limit adjuster as a limit adjuster for gta sa


 NOTE 2 : I experimented by deleting imvehft.asi AND YES the game didn't crash next time
but I really really really need improved vehicle feature as many of my installed car models depends on it

so is there anything I can do?

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I have the same problem just as you do. Vechfuncs is compatiable and does a similar work like Imvft does. But still many car mods do require imvft otherwise works imperfectly, which is annoying. 

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