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Problems with script


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I'm working on a CLEO script that change player's health to 0 (means make them die) by writing command "/rgame + id" When i finished my code:


{$CLEO .cs}

0000: NOP
0B34: samp register_client_command "rgame" to_label @Start

31@ = 0

wait 0
31@ == 1
jf @main

31@ = 0
jump @main

0B2F: samp get_streamed_out_player_pos 4@ to 7@ 8@ 9@

wait 0
0AD4: 1@ = scan_string 0@ format "%d" 2@
4@ = SAMP.GetActorHandleByPlayerID(2@)
056D: actor 4@ defined
Actor.Health(4@) = -100


I go to test my script and here are the results:



As you can see, when I try to change their health bars to 0 (make them die), what I get are the sounds of deaths and their health bar doesn't change anything.


What's happening? and is there anything wrong? (Using SAMP 0.3DL-R1 with this SAMPFUNCS: https://www.blast.hk/threads/138813/)

Thanks in advanced!

Sorry for bad English :v

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