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GTASA save game bricked.


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I was going for a 100% run, I saved my game, Came back and saw this, https://ibb.co/B6HGWTg, (the one that says 0 December and all that stuff.) so is it bricked for good? or is there a fix for it. if there is can i please know why this happend? 

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The image suggests that there is no data; probably a filename of 0 length, perhaps blank data. More than likely, there's nothing left to save. Besides, repairing a save that's glitched or messed up by cleo mods is one thing, fixing a save with corrupt and garbled data is usually impossible. Starting over from scratch is usually the quickest and most reliable solution.


Don't know why this happens. I've seen it before but it's extremely rare, and usually associated with game crashes and power failures. This issue may be rare but saves get messed up all the time. It's a good idea to use two slots and alternate between them when progressing a save through the story.

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