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Ive misplaced my manual i dont knwo the helicopter controls. could someone tell me them? :sigh:

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Don't be so hard Criss, every one can make mess takes...

Lisen up guy. When you get first time to coppter, on screen you can see a small box, where are flying commands. Get it?

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Also it tells you (I think) in the Options > Controller Setup > Redefine Controls bit...


But basically up and down arrows to ascend/descend, left and right to go left and right, and Num 5 and 6 to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise...

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nah im not mad i bought vice city with my money why i know it istn pirated why should i be mad? the only reason i asked cos i put my gta manual somewhere i forgot where, i had to retrace my steps to find it.


P.S. im having trouble on the juju scramble mission i keep getting killed by the cops.



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Juju Scramble:


Get a good gun(shotgun etc) with alot of ammo

Get bodyarmour

& a good car


& sometimes you don't have to take everyone out so just take the ones out that are giving you the hassle the most


Also take the police bribe as you'll get a WL2 once you pick up the first package

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First of all, who cares if he pirated it?  Wow, he saved $50.00 on it, while we all forked out the cash.  Don't we feel dumb?


Secondly, why do you need the manual to figure out your helicopter controls?  At first I didn't know them, but I just hit every key on my keyboard, saw what each did, then looked at the controls to figure out what each was, then remapped them.

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