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Welcome to GTAForums.com. Please note all the warnings that modding questions belong in the modding forums.


Why is "Without fxt" a requirement? Can cleo scripts and opcodes be used? 


I have some experience implementing custom GXT without fxt or cleo on PC and PS2, but I don't remember ever implementing this strategy in the unicode environment of Android. This strategy involves redirecting the pointers of unused GXT keys to a custom string in the global variable space. It's a very complex process. Do you have any sort of experience with this sort of thing?


But if all you need is a simple text box, I think there's an easier way. At some point I stumbled across the Help Text buffer on PC. Any text written to this buffer is automatically displayed in that default textbox that makes it's own beep and quickly disappears. I'm pretty sure this buffer is used for these opcodes.

03E5: show_text_box 'HELP101'
0ACA: show_text_box 0@v
0ACE: show_formatted_text_box "This is %.4X opcode" 0x0ACE


I don't remember documenting this strategy, and I probably lost my test scripts in a recent PC failure.


Finally, if cleo opcodes can't be used then aDMA memory addressing needs to be used to write data to the buffer. Check this topic for information on manipulating Android memory with aDMA.


So..., how much of this is within the scope of your experience?




0xBAA7A0 https://gtamods.com/wiki/Memory_Addresses_(SA)


char *CHud::m_pHelpMessage = (char *)0xBAA7A0;


From there the trail grows cold. This section of my IDA database for PC is poorly documented; I think because a lot of the details were imported from mobile, and mobile handles this process differently. I think it has something to do with CWidgetHelpText but my RE skills aren't up to the task of figuring out how to manipulate it.

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