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XP1700 slow


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my cpu



geforce 2 Mx200

and the game runs a little slowly, i using the low graphics(640x480-16, min of Draw Distance , without acoustic...,

whats the problem , and i played in my friend'ss house and i saw light on the buldings,but here no lights on buildings


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Calvi Militello

could be your graphics card or spare room on your C:\

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It's definitely your GeForce 2.  GF2 can just plain and flat out NOT handle GTA 3 or GTA Vice.  Maybe a good 20 FPS, but no better than that.

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Vicetopia, What are you talking about ! Look at my system specs and my fps for VC. I would not say that was sh*t at all. Dont blame hardware until you have done a few things to help it out such as defrag and scandisk make sure you have clean HDD get rid of all that cookie crap and pop up sh*t remove all those old games you dont play uninstall your gamepad if need be, everything helps. Pauloco you did not say what OS you have. If you have XP run VC in WIN98 ME mode and not straight through XP as it is not pretty the amount of bugs and crashes you get. Make sure you have the newest drivers for your Geforce, I have the same card and use the new Detnator drivers for it and if you still need some more help then get the fake sound files to have on HDD so there not being loaded every second which rags HDD and resources. If you need more help just PM me.

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It’s not your CPU! Did you install the latest drivers to your graphics card and did Direct X 9? It might be your graphics card and you’ll probably need more memory add another 256 MB RAM DDR memory card. But you shouldn’t have problems with your GeForce 2 card. Maybe you just need new drivers. Check this site out for good prices on computer components: http://www.pricewatch.com.  If you’re on a budget look for GeForce FX 5200 card or GeForce FX 5600. GeForce FX 5200 are selling around $100 and GeForce FX 5600 256MB DDR cards are selling at around $170. Also check inside your computer case or the back of your computer for the case fan or a blowhole where another case fan might be. If it’s dusty you’ll need to get the insides cleaned. Check CompUSA if you’re from the US. They clean inside your computer for a fee. Having a lot of dust inside your computer could affect its performance.

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i do wxp cooperate

i think the problem is fps , the gaming stiil a little slowly ,

and what cfg i use on geforce advanced settings , someone said to change on direct3d settings to application

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I think its highly probable that it's the slow videocard, the low ammount of ram doesnt help either. if you got the money get more ram and replace the videocard with at least a geforce 3, if you dont got much money just get a better videocard. A geforce 3 will be sufficient, i can run at 1600×1200×32 on my sh*tty Athlon 800, 768 mb ram and geforce 3 TI200 64 mb and get a steady 30 fps with the frame limiter on.

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The Quick and the Dead

Maybe, just MAYBE this goes in Vice PC chat... or just regular PC chat, since we're all geeks in there anyway.

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:D  Hey dude I understand you struggle! I have a 2ghz and 512 mb ram and there was a time that it didnt run properly. Its very Important that if you have Windows XP that you reinstall it in that case and install the first service pack. Or defragment your HDD. Its really just a matter of mess on the computer. Your Specs are fine  :rah: So just take your time to reinstall and no prob.  :D

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