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Black Limo


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Do you know where can I find a black limosine?

There's is no black limo :sly:


Avery Carrington has one when you do his missions, but there's no way of getting it.


However, it is possible to change the color of the normal Stretch, by editing the carcols.col file, using a .col file editor... not sure if you can use the one from GTA3 tho :)

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You can get a maroon coloured Limo... the Lovefist one! That's pretty cool..


And, in "Martha's Mugshot" (A mission at Film Studios), you can get a Gold Limo. It's the Limo which takes Candy Suxxx to the hotel in Vice Point..in-order to get it..you would need to take out the Driver, more than likely, then he'd fall out the car...



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