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What were the Adler's really up to?

Buddy Hightower

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Buddy Hightower

There is no way to sustain a ranch where they lived. What crops did they grow? What animals could they raise? Who would they sell their wares to?


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Lemoyne outlaw

that's a good question.  never really thought of that. they live in the middle of nowhere with the closest town being in the next state. we can do jobs for them in online. i think we had to save people or basically do high honor things. so maybe they have their own little business. i guess they just liked their space away from people. like living off the grid or something. 

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Good question. It looks like a horse ranch, they breed and sell horses.


Isolated ranch like that could also be a "forrest ranch", is there any of those in America? Basically they sell lumber to sawmills, they would have to own insane amount of land to do so. But this option seems a bit unlikely, horse ranch is my answer. My great-grandfather had one, but he drank all the profits and bank took it away.

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I think they just had to work seasonally, ie work very hard in the spring/summer to make sure they had enough to sustain them once it's too cold/snowy. In the winter the animals would be in barns and they'd hunt as well as use preserved food/supplies they prepared earlier in the year.

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