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Saved Game crash (c0000005)


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Hey all,


After countless hours of obsessive VC gameplay, my saved game now generates an error upon loading.


“Unhandled Exception: c0000005

At address: 004c3ff7”


Starting a new game still works.


I've heard that this is a RAM issue, but I've replaced all of my RAM sticks, and that hasn't fixed the problem.


I've also read that uninstalling ad/spyware from Kazaa fixes it, but I don't have Kazaa installed (yay for K-Lite), so that can't be it.


Do I have a corrupt saved game? Is there any way to fix it?


I had the same problem with Warcraft 3 (starting a new game wouldn't work), but after formatting this was solved. Not VC though.


I have a Hercules FDX 8500LE 64mb with the latest drivers, 800Mhz P3, 640Mb SDRAM, and running Windows XP Pro.

When I first started having the problem, I had SP1 installed, but after formatting I haven't gotten 'round to that yet.



(I searched the forum before posting. If there already is a thread and I missed it, I apologise and would appreciate someone pointing me to it)


(I e-mailed Take2 about this 8 days ago, but just like when I had a problem with Mafia, they're not replying...)



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Looks like I did miss the thread. This is the same problem as discussed in "Infamous Save Game Error!" by Vicetopia.


The "bing" is the error box popping up on the desktop, telling me (and I assume the others who have the same problem as well) that there was a c0000005 Unhandled Exception. Whatever that might mean.


The supposed fixes (Kazaa adware etc) I read about were for GTA3, but as I said, that won't work here.


If you have the answer, don't be silent...speak up and be heard, and possibly worshipped.

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