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Making money in story mode


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Hey all. So, I finished the story mode, and got the heist take on all three characters. Problem is, I only had enough money between them to get half of the remaining properties. So, I am thinking of starting over (ugh!), and am wondering how do we get more money out of the story mode? I wish we could have multiple garages, but yeah, I know. Barking up a dead tree, there. lol



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Basically, there is only one legit way to get a lot of money in story mode.

You have to save Franklin's assassination missions for the very last, after you receive your Big Score money, after playing ending A, B or C, and play the stock market.


The bad news: You will have to roll back to a save from before the Hotel Assassination, or start a new game.


The Hotel Assassination is mandatory to progress the story, but even at that point there can be some money invested, read the guide carefully, especially the optional part.




After doing this, I was able to buy everything in the game.


Also, carefully read this guide for the heists:


Edited by Rotorhead359
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Thanks, Rotorhead! I was afraid it would be something like that. Never really messed around with the stock market in game, so I think it is time to start over from the beginning, and give that guide a closer look! Thanks again!


By the way, is there a reason why we can only have one garage in the story mode?

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On 12/4/2022 at 3:13 AM, dominancepaine said:

By the way, is there a reason why we can only have one garage in the story mode?

No particular reason, other than Rockstar thought one garage was enough, back in 2013, before adding some DLC cars to Story Mode, and then they kinda forgot to add garage space to actually store them.

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