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The values in pedstat.dat don't work as expected


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Hello. I modified the pedstat.dat values in the following way: https://pastebin.com/LazyhBPm


Fear (D) is reduced to 0.

Bad Temper (E) is increased to 100.

Lawfulness (F) is reduced to 0.

Shooting Rate (J) is increased to 100.


So, according to those modifications, the NPCs should be aggressive and have no fear and be armed. However, when i punch a car, the drivers still get out and run, or start driving away (yes, some of them get out and attack me, but not everyone does that). People still run away from me when i shoot. People still don't fight and do crimes provoking cop attacks, despite he fact is reduced to 0.


The only working thing is that the overwhelming majority of people will fight back, if i attack them with punch... but they wouldn't fight back, if i shoot them with a gun.

I want everyone, or at least the overwhelming majority, to be armed and attack me if i attack them.

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You're right, modifiyng pedstat.dat doesn't change anything

Peds sometimes fight back and sometimes they run away, independently to their model and no matter what is written in pedstat.dat.

This file seems to be an unused leftover from Vice City

Only new is thie last entry

#    K:     Default Decision Maker -> 0: group member, 1:cop, 2:rand_norm 3:rand_tough 4:rand_weak

look at https://gtamods.com/wiki/Pedstats.dat

But this seems also unused



Find information about Decision Maker at https://gtamods.com/wiki/Decision_Maker


I think the pedgrp.dat allocates peds to group and Decision Maker data


Change beach folk with ballas



BALLAS1, BALLAS2, BALLAS3                    # Gang 1 (BALLAS - Rival Black Gang - AKA FLATS)


to this:


BFYBE, BMYBE, HFYBE, HMYBE, WFYBE, WMYBE, WFYRO, WMYRO, WFYLG                    # Gang 1 (BALLAS - Rival Black Gang - AKA FLATS)


then you get beach peds which acts like ballas


but the ballas don't appear as beach folk

maybe it needs also to change the entry in peds.ide

# modelId, ModelName, TxdName, Default pedtype,



Edited by ZAZ
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