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Question to 3080 folks on PC, can you switch API to Vulkan after last driver update? (RGL)


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Since last patch when I tried to launch the game using Vulkan with old drivers my game indeed launched in Vulkan but I couldn't play it, Social Club Error 18 was the issue. Switching my game to DX12 helped but I was not satisfied with DX12, visual artifacts, crashes and way lower fps.


I decided to update my drivers thinking that it might fix the issue as the patch did plenty of things to graphics part of RDR2. When I updated my drivers and set my game to Vulkan my game launched... But it launched in DX12 mode, after f*cking around with Game, DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller,) various PC restarts, installation of new Vulkan runtime I came to conclusion that issue is indeed driver related and it's not existent on 3060 and 3070 as my friends have no problems. Also interesting find during my investigation was that my game completely ignores what .XML says, system.xml (settings file) says Vulkan in the API field, when the game launches it still launches in DX12, even after game launches .xml file still says Vulkan, it only changes itself to DX12 after I load a game or I enter settings tab. So it seems like something external is forcing different API on the game rather than the game itself.


Troubleshooting help would be appreciated but it's not what I am asking about here, I am asking for someone with 3080 to test this stuff out for me and tell me whether issue is on my side or on the 3080 driver side.



Also people interested in more in depth explanation of what I did and what is happenning: here's thread I made on Reddit.


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