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GTA: Liberty City Stories PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator) - How do I install a savegame?

Carl_Speed YT

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Carl_Speed YT

I`ve played GTA: Liberty City Stories on mobile before. And completed all missions.

Now that I`m playing the PS2 version of the game (through an emulator). I have to start all over again. 

I wanted to install a mission completed savegame. But I don`t know how. Any ideas guys?

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I'll make it short and sweet. ;) I assume you are using the PCSX2 emulator.

  1. Download myMC
  2. Backup the PCSX2 memory cards
  3. Launch mymc-gui.exe
  4. myMC will immediately ask you for a memory card to work with. Navigate to your PCSX2 directory (sample: "c:\program files\PCSX2\memcards\"
  5. click File -> Import, locate and select the save and click Open. The save should appear in the list and than you can now close myMC and start the emulator

Note 1: myMC will not allow you to overwrite saves on the memory card but you can delete saves by using File -> Delete and then you can import the new save.


Note 2: There are different regional versions of GTA LCS. Under certain circumstances, the savegames are not compatible with each other. So make sure your savegame is your game version.


Note 3: If a savegame cannot be imported due to the format, try converting it to the .psu format first using the PS2 SaveBuilder. *.psu format in my opinion the best option. Sometimes the *.max saves don't work either, although myMC supports them. Also convert to *.psu beforehand


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