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Need a helping hand for GTA SA to run on Pc.


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        1Stly id like to say a big thanks to all that are able to advice on this.


Currently trying to get this absolutely amazing game working again. As it has done so in the past.

The copy of the game is as follows.


I bought the game Grand Theft Auto "The Trilogy" Box. With all the trimmys all the book maps so forth come with it.

Can not remember were i bought it from probably in a game shop years back.


System Specs: Nothing special.

          MOBO :  ASUS Prime Z270-AR

          PSU :  Corsair RM-1000 80 Plus Gold '1000w

          CPU :  7600k a 4 core 4 thread. Overclocked.

          Ram :  DDR3 2133 Mhz 24gb's i got 2x4. & 2x8. Corsair Vengeance. Overclocked.

          Gpu :  GTX 970 Gigabyte windforce. Bios hack more voltage.

          Cooling :  4 Rad custom loop: No need for those details im sure.

          Storage :  HDD's 1x 4tb - SSD's x2

          Win-10 :  Windows 10 Home


Installation & the issue.

1st i like to say GTA III & GTA Vice City do run fine, for gta iii i needed a patch.

San Andreas on the other hand, ive tried SilentPatch & 1 other i think it was a mouse thing.

No luck before this however i did try Run as Admin - Capability Modes. Rename the excutable file to gta sa.exe

Still no luck. There for i ask for a helping hand. As ive spent hrs trying.

Edit: Is there a known Patch for the game. However im in Australia.


Anything i may have left out please ask.

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