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Liberty City Stories: AdHoc PSP Multiplayer via PS3

Anywhere USA

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Hello! I'd like to try to organize some sort of proper weekly session to play these games online! (VCS too, although I don't have it on PSP at the moment).


You see, if you did not know, there's an APP on PS3 called Adhoc Party, which allows you to play local wireless PSP games online. (It's not availible in all regions anymore, but I can confirm Ireland has it and making a smurf PSN account takes just a few minutes)

I was hoping to organize some people for lobbies to play some GTA LCS online on the weekends.

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8 minutes ago, GTA Plus Enjoyer said:

Not sure if I'm allowed to post links to Discord servers, but there's a server where you can meet others who play LCS and VCS multiplayer: https://discord.gg/kbgJawSbjF


Enjoy! :) 

That looks like emulator tho

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GTA Plus Enjoyer
2 minutes ago, Anywhere USA said:

That looks like emulator tho


Oh, my bad.. thought you were on an emulator too. Well, maybe there's a chance you can find someone else on that server that also plays on PS3? Either way, hope you find people to play with. The multiplayer's very fun in both games. :D

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