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What didn't you like about RDR2?

cant remember

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I see many others are annoyed by this:kekw:, the witnesses and the random cops spawning all over was the most annoying part. I could be in the middle of nowhere and somehow a witness spawned right behind me. I don't know if it's a glitch it really looked like that to me but there were times I was getting out of the area they were chasing me and then many spawn again very near me, even though I wasn't in a populated area.


Some side missions are very repetitive, mostly with chasing someone or something, I was playing some like the side mission with the photographer and thought how I could be of help to photograph animals and give it to him in specific ways he want would be better, or really something else other than chasing a coyote that stole his bag. At least his other missions wereΒ  sort of fun with the horses and wolves.

Will I replay it? Well not anytime soon, I remember a lot. It was an awesome game, not much else really I found bad about it, just those two things which in terms of the overall game are very little. In the future I will replay it.

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15 hours ago, slowmo2zomo said:

games can be slow and still not be a chore to replay. RDR2 couldve kept its same tone and not have been so hand holdy and restrictive. its not mutually exclusive. and i was a big fan of the first game and loved my first playthrough of the 2nd one. the issue is not that its "not for me" it just has flaws. like lots of games.Β  no shame in acknowledging its not perfect

I think we're on a similar page because I agree that missions are too hand holdy and restrictive, that would be my biggest criticism of the game. But when a mission is just on the slower side and providing a necessary tutorial I don't mind. Stuff like a long conversation with Hosea in a non-action type mission is fine with me. Being very restricted when it's unnecessary or once the action starts is what's annoying.

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  • 4 weeks later...

There not being a cap on how much moneh Arthur can carry. Doesn’t make sense story wise for them to be struggling to have enough money to support the entire gang and get them set up in Tahiti when my Arthur has $20,000.

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