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simeon yetarian is basically a modern day leopold strauss from red dead redemption 2

Lemoyne outlaw

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Lemoyne outlaw

i never really thought about it until today. but simeon from gta 5. is a lot like leopold from rdr2. they are both from europe. and even sound similar. the main similarity is their job. simeon owns a car dealership. and he sells them to people who can't afford it to repo them. while strauss is a loan shark to people who can't afford to pay back. and the protagonists work for them. they are also responsible for major events in the story. with simeon having franklin repo jimmy de santas car. thus franklin and michael meet. and it's because of their meeting. that causes a lot of the story to happen. and even the reason for michael and trevors potential death. 

strauss has arthur get loan money from the downes family. and while beating up thomas. he gives arthur his tuberculosis. which causes arthur to get sick and start his redemption path. and inevitably die. there are a few differences of course. but they both seem more similar than different.

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I think their "businesses" exploit people in a similar way but other than that they're very different characters/personalities. Simeon is from Armenia, which is located in a region between Europe and Asia (and considered part of both), and Strauss is from Austria in central Europe which is 1500 miles from Armenia and a very different place, especially considering he was also born over 100 years earlier. And Strauss is very buttoned down, methodical and quiet whereas Simeon is a hothead with a big mouth and high opinion of himself.


Perhaps Simeon has more in common with Vlad from GTA IV. Vlad is from Russia (another European/Asian country which like Armenia was part of the USSR when the characters were born), both are unscrupulous about loaning things (cars for Simeon money for Vlad) and collecting and have ties to organised crime, both employ the protagonist in collecting for them, both are hotheaded, full of themselves and have a big mouth and tend to talk down to/underestimate the protagonist, both end up attacked and/or killed by the protagonist, and both are involved in events that set major parts of the story in motion. 

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