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[MP] A New Tale - Chapter 1 to 4


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Oi mates. This is ilikebanana and here I present my recent mission pack with three completed chapters.

There are more chapters coming, hopefully =)))

A New Tale

For now, 3 chapters, each one consists of 7 missions.


A New Tale is an entirely new storyline separated from the original game's lore but at some points, there are some minor connections to the original game's story too. (You will see them while playing the missions.)

The story revolves around a small group of friends: Peter, Barry, Gordon & David who have been close buddies since childhood. They are originally from Luton's poor area, and when they were teen, they moved to US with a smuggling ship since their motherland didn't offer them anything. When the group entered Liberty City, they started making money through illegal ways including robbing people, drug dealings, etc. The more they did, the better their skills became. Peter was the most talented one among them, so his words mattered a lot in the squad. After years of crime life in Liberty City, they were offered by the Triads of LC to move to Los Santos for a gun deal. Even though they had history with the Triads, they still accepted it. The first mission is literally the squad entering Los Santos for the deal in the airport. At first, you will be playing as Peter but as the story continues, you're gonna play as more characters.

---The starting characters of the story---




Peter Smith


Gordon Vann


Barry Ruffalo


David Lautner


---The rest of the characters will be slowly introduced as you progress the story---

Chapter one to three

All of the missions will have their own SD. For now, only the first chapter's SD is prepared.

First chapter's SD

Second chapter's SD


* No mods are required, except of course, DYOM :))

** Third chapter is made with DYOM IX. So you will need IX version of the mod for that chapter.

*** It's personally recommended to play without frame limiter, so you won't face any issues.

**** All of the missions were tested by me, so if you have any crashes, it's just the game randomly crashing. You can try again.


Feel free to give any advice or criticisms about the mission pack 😉

Edited by ilikebanana
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  • 1 month later...

Hola. The fourth chapter of the "A New Tale" series is here. (DYOM IX)

Since the DYOM website is having technical issues, it's uploaded to another site.


The story continues from where it ended in chapter three.

After the murder of Salvatore Sindacco by his own son, Larry, with Peter and Barry's help, her daughter, Milia Sindacco is now trying to get her revenge with the help of Russian gang members who have been cooperating with Salvatore for the past few years. Now the three musketeers are working on making themselves stronger both in terms of wealth and power in the state.

Chapter Four

Fourth Chapter's SD



* The missions are made using DYOM IX, just like Chapter three.

** In case you experience any issues while playing, try turning off the frame limiter from in-game settings.

*** Not necessary, but it'd better to have DYOM# installed too. (Made by @SIZZZ)

Edited by ilikebanana
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