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Claude's missed opportunities

Comrade Monke

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Comrade Monke

Don't get me wrong, GTA 3 is one of my favorite titles ever but I have a minor problem with the plot:


So Claude's whole goal was to get revenge on Catalina, he didn't care about taking over or allegiance to a particular gang, so my question is why didn't he just


- Run over Catalina and Miguel in the docks?

I guess maybe because Cartel dudes were nearby so I get this one.

- Shoot Catalina and Miguel in the construction site? He shot all the Cartel dudes at the floor, he was right there with a gun, he had them in a state of shock, he could have literally shot them both and be done with it, unless he also cared about destroying SPANK completely which I would understand he would have to get more info from Miguel to eliminate it's production and distribution but this isn't stated in the story so...

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