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BJ Injection in VIce?


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In GTA3, Joey Leone was working on a custom build car for his "girlfriend" Misty, which was a BF Injection.


Now, in GTA Vice City, 20 years earlier, the BF Injection was a common car on the street? What's up with that?


It might have been a classic kitcar set Joey had gotten a hold of, but I doubt it. It's pretty wierd, huh?



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The Evil One
Well in real life some people build and restore classic cars so I guess that was what Joey was doing.
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Ah well... just a thought. :sui:

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That got me thinking...



But then i read The Evil One's post :p


But we could of really caught rockstar there, and i also think this was mentioned before...



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Brenteus Maximus

yeah but the BF injection always looked alot more like a beach car than a city car to me. so it seems more natural that it would be common in a city like Vice.


and to clarify i think joey built it for himself not for misty bc if you walk by misty's apartment building when the bf injection is parked there you can hear moans as though joey is paying her a little friendly visit. but when the car isn't there you don't hear anything. that actually kinda reminds me of in the godfather part I when Sonny goes up his girlfriend's apartment for a little "visit" even though the family is at war and its dangerous for him to be out at all. Joey is kind of a hot headed type of kid, starting fights with the forelli's and pulling bank heists and such. i kinda think he was modelled after Sonny Corleone in some respect. that's just my opinion but i thought i'd share it.

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Vice City is a cool game

i agree its the best game out rockstar is so cool!!!!!!!

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Vice City is a cool game

Why yes it is.  The point of your post however... eludes me as this thread is for talking about the BF Injection.  


For my money, Evil One's got the best reason.

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It's a cool car nonetheless... I'm glad R* didn't remove it from the game. :colgate:

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Razor Sharp

..I think saying this game rocks makes much more sence then discussing why the BF Injection is in Vice while it was a "special" car by Joey in Liberty  :D  :p


It´s a beach buggy, who would normaly ride one in New York?

Nobody but Joey, cause he thinks it´s a cool car- good enough?

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Click Here

Yeah, and i think the BF Interjection should've been common for GTA3 instead of Vice City, because the car looks futuristic for me  :)

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