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Moonbeam & Stallion


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something special about these two is how they've survived and are still the same good classic designs even in V. just idk... i have so much appreciation for them in GTA 3 and V, to see them "make it" is just ahhh. it's also nice to see all the GTA 3 car names that made it but to see both car and name stay the same, perfect. 

in V when i see them i just feel like they're appreciation for 3 and deffo bring up memories, deep but had to say it


special mention goes to the Blista Compact (VC - V)

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Idk tho, to me the stallion in IV and V seems a lot larger than the one in the III era. It’s a pony car in III but in the HD era it becomes a proper muscle car


Speaking of the stallion, we also have the sabre and clover in the III era all based on the Oldsmobile cutlass. How many f*cking Oldsmobile cutlasses do we need?

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I wish R* would keep the same car physics from GTA3 lol. I understand kids these days want a more “realistic” feel but damn, I miss the days where realism wasn’t a huge factor. Driving in GTA3 was insane yet fun, speeding through the streets without any physics 🤪 The Bobcat was my favorite vehicle from GTA3 but they don’t feel the same in the newer titles anymore, meh, maybe I’m just getting old and feeling nostalgic. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Stallion is my fave classic car in every 3D GTA. 🚗

Edited by BlackShadowX
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