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gtx 1060 6gb, i5 8600K, playing on 1440p, what settings can i optimize/change to squezze out some more fps/performance?


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doing a replay on my pc, since rockstar seems to refuse to give a ps5 upgrade to rdr2 


so i‘m playing on a gtx 1060 6gb with a i5-8600K and on 1440p. 


i want to know if it’s possible to change some settings to squeeze out some more fps/performance? are there any settings that i should lower to get better performance? or settings i can set higher without impacting performance/fps?


here are my current configs:



also i want to stay on 1440p, i don‘t want to downgrade to 1080p (i know i can achieve a more stable 50-60 fps by going to 1080p, i already went there to check it out but disliked the quality) i heavily prefer the quality of 1440p


so yeah, is there anything i should consider changing or is that the best i am able to get? also i read that textures look bad on high and anything else, that’s why i kept it on ultra (idk if they changed that thru patches)


Edited by Wesk_
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Maybe try this:


Texture Quality: Ultra

Anisotropic Filtering: 4x

Lighting Quality: Medium

Global Illumination Quality: Medium/Low

Shadow Quality: High

Far Shadow Quality: Low/Lower Than Low

SSAO: Medium

Reflection Quality: Low/Lower Than Low

Mirror Quality: High

Water Quality: Custom

Volumetrics Quality: Custom

Particle Quality: Medium

Tesselation Quality: High/Medium

TAA: High/Medium




Advanced Settings: Unlocked

Graphics API: Vulkan

Near Volumetric Resolution: Low/Lower Than Low

Far Volumetric Resolution: Low/Lower Than Low

Volumetric Lighting Quality: High/Medium

Unlocked Volumetric Raymarch Resolution: Off

Particle Lighting Quality: Medium

Soft Shadows: High

Grass Shadows: Medium/Low

Long Shadows: Off

Full Resolution SSAO: Off

Water Refraction Quality: High

Water Reflection Quality: Medium

Water Physics Quality: 1/6

Resolution Scale: Off

TAA Sharpening: Off

Motion Blur: On

Reflection MSAA: Off

Geometry Level of Detail: 5/5

Grass Level of Detail: 2/10

Tree Quality: Low/Lower Than Low

Parallax Occlusion Mapping Quality: High/Medium

Decal Quality: Medium

Fur Quality: Medium


With FSR 2.0 Quality in 1440p and maybe turn off Motion Blur.

Edited by Mexicola9302
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  • 2 months later...

I have the same rig and play butter smooth evreywhere except in towns, just towns.

What i did:

Play on Vulkan (DX12 sucks)

1) Textures on Ultra 

2) AF 8x

3) Resolution scale 5/6 or 83% (dont worry it'll look like nothing was reduced after i finish the rest)

4) Parallax Ultra

6) SSAO Ultra

7) Lighting High

8)Global Illumination High

9) Here's a crucial combination - TAA Medium but w/ FXAA on.


Note: The 5/6 res scale substantially lessened the video memory usage w/c is good then the Ultra Textures and the other settings compensated, thus squeezing more fps yet retaining the eye candy. Result smooth movement.

Edited by Trespasser
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