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Sunshine Autos


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Look at the frikin map that came with the game... or what? You haven't bought it you say? :sneaky:


Oh well. Go here, and look at the little map in the middle of the site. ;)

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It is next to the Airport. Search around the big area outside the airport. You will most likely find it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

hey "shaqed" did you buy the game, or are you a theif and download it. and if you "didn't" prove it, what does it say about the malibo on the bottom of the map?

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That doesn't prove bugger all.

And hey, I didn't buy it - I got given it on PS/2 - which I don't own. My PC version is "Warez", but well what can ya do. I own it. Just not on the right platform. Am I still a pir8?   :p

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No, technically, if you own the copy, you can have a backup cd that you have burned as well as a no-cd crack... but you HAVE to be in possession of the original purchased edition. As for the sunshine autos, mind you the races are not part of the garage missions and will not help you generate revenues... the asset portion of the sunshine autos is the garage collection missions... The garage is next to the pink standing point for the races and has a plaque with the names of the cars they want. Both the pink standing point and the plaque will not be there till you purchase sunshine auto's. The races are a side mission that can help you make A LOT of money... I'd recommend doing all four garage missions, taking the hotring and doing the 6th race several times... $10,000 to enter, $40,000 purse prize :D

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