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[MP] Resistance: II

The John David

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The John David



After a huge break? I'm back again for designing and really happy to showcase another mission-pack I'm now going to work on these days! You may be surprise at the credits that I'm not the only one working this, I have also request some of my known friends in the past to help me with this. Please bear in mind that while this is a "group-designing task", it will be progress very slowly due to our life issues & revenue stuffs to deal with during the pandemic, so time and patience is needed. We've also adding some progress updates for this topic in irregular schedule as well, so stay tuned for it.


Set on the Resistance timeline. January 05, 2007, a mysterious gigantic weird spaceship suddenly appeared on Las Venturas. Given to the information left by the Union Army HQ about "Chimera", a looking alien-butcher who's behind the incident year ago? Things are getting much worse than before, and thus began to declare a global war against them.




















External Files (RecommendedDownload Here

Full Mission-Pack Mission: Download Here

Status: (100%) In-Progress

Release Date: N/A



John David; Sequel Director & Creator

Cold; Plot Assistant | Logo Idea Creator

Thyroid10 & azri669; Play-Testing | Helping Hand

SIZZZ; for the DYOM Add-ons for DYOM v8.1

Dutchy3010 & PatrickW; for Design Your Own Mission (DYOM v8.1)

Rockstar North | Rockstar Games; for GTA San Andreas Game

Edited by The John David
Updates - [12/07/2022]
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The John David


Chapter II - will be uploaded at first day on December.


Because of the technical issues of the DYOM website today? I'll be uploading the rest of the chapters in a different website (Media Fire).


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