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Your MP3 playlist?

mer cinder

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mer cinder

Well, I'm pretty happy with the MP3 feature, kinda wished they would have named it mix tape or something, being Mp3's didn't exist in those days. But i'm probably just taking the game too seriously.


Well, anyway, my playlist was all music before 86' because I take the game too seriously :)


Led Zeppelin

Immigrant song

when the levee breaks


Beastie Boys

Brass Monkey

Hold it now Hit it



Head like a hole (I know it's not pre-86, but has an 80's vibe


George Thurogood and the Destroyers

One Bourbon, one scotch, one beer.



Bad moon rising

The rain

Put a spell on you


They Might be Giants

Put your hand inside the puppet head



Killer Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody


The Cure

Close to me


Peter Gabriel




One Step Beyond


So what's everyone diggin on in VC?



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You know you can edit the text in Vice city with a gxt editor so you could name the MP3 Station anythin you want.  


I also take the game seriously I supose cause I listen to:

billy joel-we didn't start the fire

bonnie-tyler i need a hero

donna summers-she works hard for the money

eddy grant-electric avenue

eye of the tiger

eurythmics-sweet dreams

men at work-land down under

micheal jackson-thriller

phil collins-another day in paradise

the police-every breath you take

danger zone

OZZY!  :devil:


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My M3U for E:\Games\GTA-VC :):


Jerry Goldsmith: "The Quatermain March"

Jerry Goldsmith: "The Final Conflict - Main Theme"

Wojciech Kilar: "Vampire Hunters"

Carl Gustav Orff: "Carmina Burana I"

John Debney: "Cuthroat Island Main Theme / Morgan's Ride"

Joel Goldsmith: "The Untouchables"

King Diamond: "The Accusation Chair"

King Diamond: "Cremation"

Jan Hammer: "Crockett's Theme"

Jan Hammer: "Miami Vice: Main Theme Remix"

Trevor Jones: "Vassago / The Hideaway"

Basil Poledouris: "Conan - Main Theme"

Basil Poledouris: "Riders of Doom"

Richard Wagner: "Die Walkure"

Public Image, Ltd: "The Order of Death"

REM: "Man on the Moon"

Kristopher Carter: "Batman Beyond - Main Theme"

Shirley Walker: "Batman Beyond - End Credits Theme"

Steppenwolf: "Magic Carpet Ride"

John Williams: "Duel of the Fates"

Hans Zimmer: "Black Rain - Main Title / Restaurant / Sato"

Alice Cooper: "I Am The Future"

ELO: "It's A Living Thing"

Jonathan Elias: "Children of the Corn - Main Theme"

Arthur Rubinstein: "WarGames / Video Fever"

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that was two months ago, I have quite a few, around 50 more now. :)



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boy you have a lot of songs... my playlist has a lot of maiden songs like be quick or be dead, the trooper, aces high, man on the edge, wasted years...

and some rage against the machine, killing in the name of, waker up, guerrila radio,renegades of funk

others song are:  you could be mine, the beutiful people, and big gun from acdc.


have you tried driving a sport car in the middle of a battle with the trooper on the radio.....you can forget of the extreme sports for the adrenaline...

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I have 11,500 mp3s (shortcuts) in my mp3 playlist for the game.


My question is... how do you randomize the mp3 playlist? It seems to just be playing the songs in order. That grows a bit long in the tooth with 11.5k songs.


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