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Iron Vikings MC Manager





About Us (Social Club)


Iron Vikings is a GTA MC founded in May of 2021. It was founded by MORBID, zaoc, GoldenPrevail, Dani, Dewie, and Loki. 
Iron Vikings started as a private club and was ran that way for about a year. However, in Fall of 2022, we have decided to open up as a community.
Some of the original members have experience in GTA MCs that go back as early as 2015.
The President(MORBID) and Vice President(zaoc) of Iron Vikings were former members and founders of ArchAngels MC, which goes back all the way to August 2015.
Iron Vikings still has and will continue to have a close friendship and bond to Archangels MC.
Iron Vikings prides itself for being a dramaless club. We choose not to get into club politics/relations outside of our own club. (we're here for the rides, music, and friends.)
Iron Vikings' goal is to build a community. Doing missions, events, heists, rides, and making friends along the way.


We would like to give thanks to those who founded and contributed to IVMC (Social Club)
- MORBID (President) (Name, structure, and ideas)
- zaoc (Vice President) (Name, ideas, and rockers)
- GoldenPrevail (Patch, name, and ideas)
- Dani (Former SGT-AT-ARMS) (patches, structure, and ideas)
- Dewie (Former Secretary) (Ideas)


What We Want

1. People who can be active and follow the bylaws.
2. People who enjoy RP.
3. People who will be interested in a growing server and community (30-50 players a night).


About us(FIVEM)

After Some thought we decided to move to Fivem. The decision was to bring some new life for us in GTA and to have more customization to the way we play.
We have also discovered since moving to Fivem we really enjoy the roleplay aspect of things quite a bit more than what we were getting out of GTAO.
It's been a while since we posted here and that's because we went and found enjoyment in RP and have been doing that for the past year. (Which is why some of you haven't heard from us).
We are very active and have found a server we have been enjoying quite a bit for the past month, which we feel may also give us good opportunity to grow there.
We have shuffled between a few different servers in the past 6 months and are now settled. So, if Fivem and joining a club in Fivem is something that may interest you, please feel free to reach out.


What we have to offer

We are in a server that allows for 30 people gang limit, which allows us to have a large chapter in this server.

We are just starting this chapter and still have several club roles open, we just need to see how people fit in those roles.

We are very active in this server.

We do church and club rides 2 times a month on Fridays.

The server we're in has lots of content and stuff to do.

We are already established in this server. So, no starting from the bottom of the barrel.








If you feel that this is a club you would like to join please Reach out on our RP discord or here and let us know and we will get back to you!

Iron Vikings Main Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iron_vikings_mc_pc

you can join the RP Discord here: https://discord.gg/pYFZ2gGQBA
GTAO Discord here: https://discord.gg/Bng9W6d2kA

and someone can get back to as soon as we can.

(you will temporarily not have access to any channels until we get back to you.)


We look forward to hearing from you.

Edited by Iron Vikings MC Manager
Crew updates
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Iron Vikings MC Manager

Weekly bump!


Come join us! plenty of growth and opportunity in this club still!  [RMPL] [MLAR]

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Iron Vikings MC Manager

Bump. We been getting into both GTAO and RP lately, We also play many other games if your looking for a friend group in general. We're also working on getting ready for GTAVI and doing the big crew rides like in the early days of GTAV. Reach out if your interested in hangin with us.

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Iron Vikings MC Manager

A photo Odin took of VP goofin in the street.
And some photos taken by migs.

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