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Favorite Radio Station?

Psychotic Bison

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Psychotic Bison

When I cruise, I tune in to KCHAT. For some reason I think Amy Shekenhauser RULES! Especially the militant lesbian interview. I actually managed to stay put long enough to listen to it in its entirety. "Amy, why don't you take your top off now?!"


Barring that, I listen to Wildstyle when I get in trouble. Old skool, baby.

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gta phil gta

My favourites are both Flash FM and Wave 103. Both of them have lots of great songs on! :D

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I have seen this topic quite a lot, but oh well...


I Usually listen to V rock or VCPR, man that guy cracks me up, what a moron :O

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I never tune into VCPR or KChat. I don't understand how you guys can stand listening to various conversations, while cruising? It's so boring :/


You don't get the real Vice City feel with it... nah, cruising up Ocean Drive in a Sabre Turbo, listening to Emotion 98.3... or escaping from the police on a silver Freeway with VRock baning... "You got another thing cummin!" dew da dewn...




But that's just me :p

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wen im shiftinh thru the streets i like espantoso cos its just cool music,

my other favorite is wildsyle i sumtimes leave that on pause menu and listen to that  ;)

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Flash RM


V Rock




They all rule... occasionally Wave aswell, but never those boring VCPR type chat shows...

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hm .. VROCK rocks! .. Lazlow is king! ... songs are great! guests and call-ins are awesome! and best of all ... its goes good crusin' in a Cheetah!


so yah .... K-chat i sommmmetimes listen to... VCPR ... hmmm i just dont get it why so many of you like it so much

:/ ... i can find it funny sommmetimes ... but i guess i either juust dont tune in at the right times ... or i just dont have the same sense of humor i guess :p


but... flash, wave, and fever have a few songs also i listen too as well... but none of them have djs worth listening to between songs :/

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