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[SA] Problem with weather/effect, too bright when it storms/rain


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Got into modding SA again, interested with this youtube video , follow through and its all good and running fine

until it starts raining or storm, its just too bright you can see in the video below



I dont know what mod that change it, but I've tried disable like any mod contain timecyc.dat ; Project 2DFX ; and Skygfx (although some mod requires it i dont really disabled it)

I'm not using any enb , and mostly mods i installed it just from this youtube vids

If anyone know which mod that make that happen, or some changes to fix it I would glad to hear it




Atmosphere Interface Pack
ECG ParticleThD 
Enhance ParticleThD 
Faster Clothes Change 
GPS Line Mod
HD Underwater 
Illuminated Vinewood Sign
IMFX by DK22Pac 
Improved 2DFX
Improved and Fixed Original Vegetation 
Improved Streaming
Interaction Menu 
Lighthouse & Pyramid Fix
Loadscreens 2K Definitive
More Radar Icons
NeXtGen Remaster Weapons
No Aggressive Drivers
Original HQ Palms 
Original Peds Vary
Pedestrians Using Map Objects 
Project Immerse-Yourself
Proper Fixes
Proper Player Retex 
Proper Radar
Proper Vehicles Retex 
PS2 Models
PS2 Timecyc
Real Skybox
Real Traffic Fix
Realistic Beach
 Reload Mod
 Revamped Vehicle Project 
 RoSA Project Evolved v1.2 
 RunDLL32 Fix
 Stories Sprinting
 Uncompressed SFX Pack 
 Welcome Las Venturas 
 Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG
 Widescreen HOR+ Support by Wesser 

these all mods installed in modloader



Edited by rageshin
adding modlist
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f*ck me, that's a lot of mods. This is usually ENB, but I guess it could be some particle/lighting mod. I'd suggest pulling the mods one by one until it's resolved. 


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1 hour ago, Earthbound said:

f*ck me, that's a lot of mods. This is usually ENB, but I guess it could be some particle/lighting mod. I'd suggest pulling the mods one by one until it's resolved. 


you might be right, I'm not installing any ENB btw, but when I disabled all mods in modloader.ini , rains/storms looked clear.
I'm guessing the culprit might be SkyGfx, other graphics-related mods are already disabled
but when I disable Skygfx, it crashed, says some mod dependent on Skygfx


idk I still want to use Skygfx bc it fixes some graphic issues on pc, using ps2 looks but I don't want it to change the raining texture
already look into mod pages, but they didn't mention any bug on weather or when it storms

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