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GTA 6 (Americas) leak - 90+ .mp4 footage/videos


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Obviously dev stage but I’m convinced 100% real - the content on show doesn’t provide us with a finished product but enough of the dev phase to believe it’s GTA VI - redneck convo, strip club scene upstairs with mannequins/NPC’s not complete, enough detail in some of these interiors, even the transition motion between protagonists.

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1 minute ago, Wheatley said:

I'm not a Rockstar Dev myself, but I'm just saying this, don't start hunting down employees of Rockstar over this. Whoever got this found it by accessing a private source illegally, and whoever was working on this that initially recorded the videos most likely did so without knowing they'd leak in the first place. The dev(s) are innocent and don't deserve to have their careers blacklisted because people are actively digging up who they are from the clips alone. Whoever's LinkedIn that's being posted might not even be who actually recorded these clips for Dev purposes anyway, it's very dangerous to start pointing fingers.

Nobody is pointing fingers, but these kind of leaks can be legitimated if there's actual links to real people that still work/worked on R*. Specially voice acting.

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Just now, ksk575 said:

12 years in forum and this is best post to me.

17 years for me. f*ck I'm old.

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I don't know if this is fake or not, but I swear the effort put in is crazy. Good job!

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I’m just waiting for the DMCA takedowns before saying anything 

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watched most of the videos now the skeptic in me says this is just gta 5 modded the engine looks exactly like it and now i feel like reformatting, but i honestly can't tell it's a very well made fake if it was, i'm not saying it's not but that scene driving from the diner looked straight up like a gta 5 map mod

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Holy. Oh my god. I never thought it would happen. I SAW GTA 6. WITH MY OWN EYES!!! I SAW IT!!! I SAW GTA 6!!!!!!!!!!

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I am not holding my breath, but if it is real then this is a historic moment.


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DM the Pro

I just witnessed the most historic moment in GTA history 🥳

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Popping up for the first time in nearly a decade to say that I was here for this possibly monumental occasion. 

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Legendary GTAF moment right here 

hope R* folds and drops GTA6 info but we know they won't

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1 minute ago, universetwisters said:

>it was obviously real


Yea like I’m gonna download random files from a stranger on the internet

It's a RAR archive full of screen recordings. It's safe to download

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op your sacrifice wont be in vain and you will be forever missed

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3 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Sorry bud no pic no click

Registered an account just to dunk on you for being so aggressively wrong and dumb.  Hi people reading this year's later


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gotta say, after seeing the sh*tty fortnite BP this season, im glad to see something worthwhile


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i am almost done watching these videos and yes it's real meaning release is next year

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Posting just to say I was here. 


Holy f*cking sh*t. It's finally real. 

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