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[GTA VC] Use vehicle Hi-Models always


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I made changes to the re3VC source to enable always Hi-models for vehicles but I cant made the fade in-out function work for them, how can I fix that? Thank you in advance for any responses...


EDIT: It is somehow prohibited to talk about the Re3 source here? I made a few changes here and there that may interest users here but I am unsure if I can post the diffs patches, what I have done so far is:

* Remove rain, thunder and splash effects from Rainy and Stormy weather

* Disable debris and leaves particles

* No car model damage on a vehicle only IF the player is driving it, no changes to its damage though

* Draw Hi poly models of all buildings always, this effectively renders the entire map with their high poly models and with the trees and bushes respectively

* Draw Hi poly models of cars always, slightly increased their draw distance from their default 60.0f value to 130.0f but unable to replicate the fade in-out function due to how the game only consider to fade the simple models which are their lods models

* Increased draw distance to the max value (300.0f) for corona lights 2dfx effects i.e. the light from lamps and street lights. If they can be increased further, I had previously using VCLodLights but couldn't replicate the exact effect, I don't know how the author made it...


As you can see, my goal is to have the game load and use the vehicles and buildings high poly models always and have an extended or ideally a max draw distance for all the 2dfxs in Vice City...

Edited by marcelo_20xx
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