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gta111's GTA car sketches


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gta111's GTA lore-friendly car sketches


Some lore-friendly car sketches, mainly of cars and manufacturers I feel R* overlooked and/or have yet to add to the game.


Akira Motors Inc. (Acura)


  - Akira Valor SJ (DC2 Acura integra Type-R with the front grille of a 2ng Gen Acura Legend, rear tail lights off a 93' Honda Ascot Innova and pillar off an EJ1 Civic coupe)



(Quick sketch, will definitely update it in the future)


  - Akira Elixir (1986 Acura Legend with some design queues from a 2nd gen Honda Prelude and CB7 Honda Ascot) 



  - Akira Zone (1st gen Acura MDX and RDX)



  - Akira Sunrise (2nd gen Acura TSX with some design queues from a 2nd gen Acura RL)

coming soon


Winston Auto holding company (Rover/Vauxhall/Morgan)

  - Winston Chariot (Rover 75 with some design queues from a 1990 Rover 800) 



  - Winston Stride (Morgan plus 8 with design queues from a Weissman MF5 GT)

coming soon


Maistra (Mazda & Mazda-Eunos)

 - Maistra Venos (1990 Eunos Cosmo and A31 Nissan Cefiro)



Maistra Marina (Mazda Miata with a 2g facelifted eclipse front bumper and tail lights from BMW Z3)




Maibatsu Vincent GF (2004 Mitsubishi Galant)





That's all for now

Edited by gta111
Adding images
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1995 Akira Valor SJ 

-2.0 SOHC inline 4 with VVT 145hp 130tq

-5 speed

-comes in urea Yellow, ECola Red, and Cocoa White

-Fwd with wishbone suspension

-Cloth bucket seats

-Akira by Panoramic Am/Fm Radio, CD player and climate control

-abs, rear disc brakes, tcs

Starting at $599,999 or trade-in at $489,999



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1987 Acura Elixir 3.0VVT V6

 -3.0 V6 with VVT 160hp 151tq

 -4 speed Automatic with overdrive

 -comes in Nut Cream beige on Charcoal, LCFD Red on Blood Red, Silver on Gun metal, and Black death black on Black death black

 -Fwd drive with independent double wishbone suspension, with optional air ride suspension

 -cloth seats in gun metal, prehistoric gray, or navy blue, with optional leather seats in, Nut Cream Beige, Blood Red, Black Death Black, or Gun Metal

 -standard Akira by Panoramic AM/FM radio, Cassette player and Wiwang Climate control and motorized 3 position memory driver and front passenger seat, with option touch screen GPS and 2 disc CD player

 -standard abs, traction control, front disc brakes, with optional 4 wheel steering and rear disc brakes

Starting at $775,000 or Trade-in $600,000



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2007 Akira Zone SUV

 - 3.5 SOHC 210hp 197tq V6

 - 4 speed Automatic with overdrive

 - comes in Standard white, Black death black, Blood red, Swingers Blue, Gun metal, and Urea Gold

 - AWD with optional Xhandle suspension and handling

 - Akira by Panoramic AM/FM radio and CD player with optional navigation and GPS system

 - standard abs, tcs, front and rear disc brakes

Starting at $650,000



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1997 Winston Chariot 30s

 - 3.1 DOHC 16v 200hp 197tq V6

 - 3 speed Automatic, or 5 speed Automatic

 - comes in Country Tea Green, Nut Cream Beige, Blood Red, Black Death Black, standard white, and silver

 - RWD with double wishbone suspension 

 - tinkle wireless AM/FM radio and cassette player, with optional Wiwang CD player 

 - standard abs, disc brakes, traction control, and power steering


Starting at $799,999 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos


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2004 Maibatsu Vincent GF

(2004 Mitsubishi Galant with front grille from a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant and rear end bits from a 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante)


-3.7 SOHC V6 FWD 230hp 201tq

-4 speed automatic with overdrive

-comes in metallic piswasser, blood red, nut cream beige, black death black, Liberty blue, gun metal, and pearl necklace white

-leather or cloth interior

  in Nut Cream Beige, Black death black or gun metal

- abs, power steering, tcs, 4 wheel disc brakes, power adjustable driver and passenger front seats, maibatsu by panoramic am/fm radio, standard cd player and cigarette lighter, power windows, fold down rear seats, and door cup holders


Starting at $299,999.99 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos



Edited by gta111
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