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Recreating my GTA Online character in Maya.

Zak Ras

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First time posting on this side of the forums, or doing a post like this, so I'll just go for it.


A few things;

- This is only the second realistically proportioned human I've ever made in the 5 years I've been working with 3D software... please do not ask to see the first, I specialised in animation.

- Modelled, textured & rigged over the course of 3 weeks in a 5 week period. Kept a work diary of the whole process, filling it in day-by-day. A first, and glad I did it.

- I'm currently not fond of the mouth's blendshapes - main problem is the lips don't pull around the face as they should.

- It is the first time I've used xGen.


The goal was to recreate this character without using any ripped assets or the same in-universe branding, that's why the BeatOff headphones are renamed BeatIt. The closest thing to a R* owned asset are the symbols that make up the Crew Emblem, but even that is a traced 2000x2000 pixel recreation, not an Inspect Element download.


Here's my GTA Online character in-game, his shoes are the Red Canvas, the face is 100% Claude as the parent model with Misty set to 0% - no additional alterations;




And here's a few renders/sh*tposts I've made of his Maya counterpart - I apologise if you find the excessive watermark distracting, I don't fancy seeing my work pop-up in YT thumbnails with a rainbow border down the line;




M16 Model - nahchimento on Turbosquid




HDRI - Greg Zaal on PolyHaven

Cybertuck - Me




I'm not self-titled the Pope of Torenoism for nothing.




Been meaning to share this for a few days but wanted more renders - couldn't come up with anything and been busy elsewhere in that time. Any suggestions I'll have a crack at and post later.

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