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Claude quote? (Not a joke)

Comrade Monke

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Comrade Monke

On the rockstar north website there's this sort of banner with various character quotes. Here's the extremely weird sh*t: if you wait long enough, the banner will eventually change to GTA 3, and it will show Claude with a character quote "Crime DOES pay!", so is this meant to be a quote by him? And if so, how? He never says a single word!

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well, you know how rockstar it is with this kind of details
possibly it was added because in the banner there are phrases that several iconic characters
and obviously characters from the entire saga appear and mainly the protagonists
claude is not someone who says words in gta 2 and gta 3 and gta sa
so possibly they recycled some phrase of some pedestrian or another character in the game and it was added to claude as if he had said that phrase

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