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catastrophic error


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When it try to install gtaVC i get an catastropic error just after 2 dots.. I don't know what the problem is. I have windows Xp and my specs are good enough. i don't have dx 9 installed but could that be the problem... A friend of mine doesnt has this problem.. he just installes the game without a problem..

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CD read error perhaps?


Is your CD drive reading other disks OK?


Is the CD in good condition?


Is it an original CD? Of course it is... isn't it? ;)





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It's an original.. and i have 2 cd-rom players.. and it happens with both of them..it's very strange..and with a friend of mine it just works ok.. i also tried to copy all the files to the hdd but it keeps giving this error and it's an error from GTAVC. I also have GTA3 but i don;t have problems with that..

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Hmm... strange indeed.


When you say "after two dots", I assume you mean two dots of the install progress bar? If so, there's a kinda remote possibility of your hard disk having an error, i.e. bad block(s). This is doubtful tho' as the HD is unlikely to write to exactly the same sectors in different install attempts, but you never know...


If not, has your RAM been showing any signs of glitching, freezes, lock-ups or whatever?


Can you tell I'm grasping at straws here...? :D



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