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MOTW #211



12 members have voted

  1. 1. Tiebreaker

    • Machinal Rift - zeko
    • Yasir's Adventure - MassM

This poll is closed to new votes

  • Please sign in or register to vote in this poll.
  • Poll closed on 08/21/2022 at 09:30 AM

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MOTW #211


For rules and guidelines, click here.



Posting reviews/feedback before the participation deadline is strictly NOT allowed. You may post reviews/feedback once voting starts.





Description of the theme

Make whatever you want! No theme restrictions this week.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Blatant troll behavior will NOT be tolerated.




@The John David

The Rough Justice



A Day In Brazil



Machinal Rift



Yasir's Adventure



After Hours







Participation: 18/08/2022 - 4:00 AM (GMT Timezone)

Voting: 20/08/2022 - 5:00 AM (GMT Timezone)


Voting Tiebreaker Deadline Countdown




AnDReJ98 - Founder & Co-Leader

RithRake24 - Co-Leader (2019-present)

Target13 - Co-Leader (2014, 2018-2019)

Chips237 - Co-Leader (2013)

The Odyssey - Founder of the first MOTW Discussion Thread

Edited by RithRake24
Tiebreaker started
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The last mission was the worst, no offense to Polski Oski. 😅

But hopefully this time will be good

Good luck everyone :panic:

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The John David

I'll try to participate this time again.

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  • Conspiracy! 1
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Alright let's see....


  • excuseme 1
  • Realistic Steak! 2
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6 minutes ago, pussyterminator1999 said:


I'm a bit late but here's my entry

You were only around 45 minutes late. I've included your mission since I hadn't started voting on time anyway.


VOTING HAS COMMENCED NOW. Good luck to all our participants. 

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4 hours ago, Yasir_RFL said:

Mission of the Eternity

This is best mission ever made.

My man, I hope you liked it 😃

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Due to a tie between @zeko's and @MassM's entries (3 votes each), I will run a tiebreaker round that will end roughly 24 hours from now.

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Good luck to the finalists !

Edited by GTA RACOON
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My review of the missions:

• (Zeko) Machinal Rift:

The pros:
The concept is decent, the camera angles are decent especially with that one scene panning towards a spark in the wires before shutting down Cameron. I enjoy the camera angles when the characters are talking, like they're in control and it works well. The puzzle with the crates was nice albeit theres one major issue with finding out how to solve it (I'll get into later). Skill level is alright, pretty much normal difficulty and I do like the variety of enemies, with there being shotgunners, smg enemies and AR enemies. The helicopter part was great. The SAM site bit I'd enjoyed because of the ways you need to destroy the SAM sites, first by satchel charges and then by a tank. 

The cons:
• The puzzle part while a breath of fresh air and a very interesting element of gameplay to add, has one major flaw with it. The way you progress is by using a shotgun to shoot the crates with, however the shotgun is placed in area that demands the player to explore around area to find it. The shotgun looks to be more of a reward for exploring the area rather than a reward for getting the next step of progressing further. Besides that, the player could of been given a hint that you needed to make a crate staircase considering this is a new element of gameplay you just added. 
• The micro smg could of spawned earlier to compensate for DYOM jank. Because it spawns several seconds after the cutscene, you're most likely gonna be near the exit with the jetpack. Aside from that, maybe could of tell the player to grab the micro smg thru the cutscene or objective text.

The conclusion:
Overall, would I recommend this mission? Yes, but only if you know, that you needed to use a shotgun to make yourself a crate staircase. Aside from that, not really.


• (MassM) Yasir’s Adventure:

The pros:
Opening camera angles were pretty good, it shown the location of where the protagonist is. The shot of Tay K / King Von arriving was excellent, giving the player time to think about whether he’s coming or not. I appreciated the amount of talking peds in the building, making the building be more alive. Tay K’s character was accurate, he would definitely “You got it, fam! Don't worry 'bout me.” Found it funny Yasir got lucky and mentioned Patrickson as way of convincing that man to give up the location of the documents. The crane moving was cool. Picking up the parachute as a way to prevent the player from moving forwards after jumping to the platforms was smart. The parkour part was well executed, bringing in a decent amount of variety such as jumping down to the platforms, parachuting to a crane, and jumping up to the platforms to get a rooftop.

The cons:
Install was inconvenient, it’s unnecessary having the player to download a .txt file for a mediafile link just to download the mission, like what if I wanted to just download the mission and thats it, without having installed extra mods? A bug in the mission that I found that breaks the plot is King Von following you, I noticed they’re duplicated and he follows you yet in the script he’s meant to go into the room to your right. This wouldn’t be bad for gameplay but unfortunately, he has a Must Survive check added to him and so if he dies, you can easily fail just from this bug. Even if he’s in a safe place he’ll most likely get in front of enemy fire because of the player shooting them. Didn’t enjoy how you were forced to use the deagle to kill the guards, like how come I couldn’t use a 9mm pistol oh right they’re not headshotable. Even so, the enemies are bullet sponges they take so long to kill even with a deagle and theres a large quantity of them too, adding more injury to the insult.

The observations:
Is this supposed to be a comedy themed mission? I get the feeling it’s a comedy mission because of the the names of the main characters, that Patrickson scene and the way the ending ends by giving exposition on what happens next and then abruptly ends.

The conclusion:
Overall would I recommend this mission? Well, it starts off giving a average impression of the mission, then it gives you a bad impression of the mission because of the enemies and that bug I mentioned, but then it gets good with the parkour. I give this mission a 3 out of 5.

PS, “Alarm sound” and “Topest floor”. Would make for a good random mission for Joshimuz and his chat members to enjoy.

The comparison between these entries:
For this, every pro of entrant’s mission will be taken as a point. Every fault within in the mission will detect a point off.

Zeko’s mission had better action than of MassM’s mission, however didn’t have as varied gameplay as MassM’s. Zeko’s mission had better enemies, and more varied enemies. Concept was more interesting as it was conflict between 2 sides who both used robots. But the best part is they used robots against each other, and the irony is that Adam’s own robot killed him. 5 points for Zeko here. However, the puzzle part and the DYOM jank at the helicopter part ruin the mission’s playability slightly, so 3 points deducted from the total score, 2 from the puzzle part and 1 from the helicopter part, adding to a total of 2 points. 

With MassM’s mission, because of the exploring the building part, the shootout and the parkour, it made for a really varied mission. However, it doesn’t have a good concept that meets the same highs as Zeko’s entry, characters weren’t as creative as Zeko’s, neither was the story. 2 points for MassM. However, the enemies during the shootout were bullet sponges, and you were forced to use a deagle. Also that bug I mentioned before makes that part even worse. So thats 3 points deducted from MassM’s entry, adding to a total of -1 points.

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