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Tommy won't turn!


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I am an absolute newbie, i have never played a GTA game before but got vice city today on a friends recomendation.


However when Tommy is on foot I can't make him turn, using the left and right keys just makes him kind of sidestep so i am always facing in one direction only, what do i do?


Also i have a very good PC with a 21" monitor what is the recomended resolution settings?


I apologise for the standard of my english

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use your mouse to turn tot he side. Its ok we were all newbies once!! :D

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Yes, it's the famous mouse/keyboard combo.


Walk with your keyboard (many people use the AWSD keys instead of the arrow keys but that's personal)

And point with your mouse.


Click the left button to fire!


If you get the hang of that you'll be playing many fps in no-time.


As for your resolution: the best would be 1600x1200x32.  But try a few resolutions to see what works best for your setup.



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The Don Son
use your mouse to turn tot he side. Its ok we were all newbies once!! :D

Extreme n00bie to even a computer almost, I mean that was kind of common since if the keys wouldn't work, to use the mouse :sly:


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The Quick and the Dead

man, thats almost as newbie as Vice-Playa's post about LAN.  Read my sig.

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