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What Map Expansions do you want to see in GTA 6?


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What Map Expansions do you want to see in GTA 6? Personally I will love them to do Boston,  liberty state, Los Santos, San Fiero, Carcer City, Saint Denis, Las Venturas. 

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Depends on where VI is set. If it is something like Capital City/DC for example you could have Baltimore, maybe some other towns/countryside in the DMV area


If it is the probable Vice City then probably have the Carribean islands, maybe even a South American city. I would like to see Liberty City its been a while but only partly not the full city. Like maybe just Alderney and you can't visit LC proper cause the bridges are closed for whatever reason. Cause a full LC will rob the shine of the main location. But imagine going to Alderney and seeing the Algonquin skyline, such a tease lol

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I honestly don't care, so long as the single player game gets them too, if the map extensions are tied to GTA Online (or single player but always online functionality) and essentially turns the entire franchise into a live service game, Rockstar can go eat a dick.  I really couldn't give a sh*t about anything Rockstar does that requires an internet connection. 

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I kind of hope that they leave the door open for direct expansions with the new map. GTA V's map was a fine size for a singleplayer game, but started to feel kind of restrictive and stale with how much time we were expected to sink into being here

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Los Santos. I wanna see Rockstar pull the ultimate troll and show the mile high building was actually scrapped and now an empty plot of land.

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I'm not too picky. Ideally, I'd like for it to be somewhere completely different than where the base game is set, though. Not a big fan of just expanding the map and making it bigger and bigger all the time.

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North Yankton map expansion please!!!! Been waiting since 2013

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Anything that makes sense. Other Floridan cities and the Keys would be a good start.


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Safest guess is probably LC given there is talks of linear missions there in VI.


I would be interested to know if this does ring true, to what extent have they improved it, will they expand it at all, will they purely bring it up to part graphically?

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Lemoyne outlaw

i would like to see them add a modern saint denis. and even make the whole of lemoyne updated in modern day. it would be so cool to visit a lot of locations that our favorite characters in rdr2 visited over a hundred years ago. just imagine having gunfights with modern day weapons in the same places we had gunfights in the 19th century. 


i also thing it would be nice if they did some caribbean islands. especially guarma. 

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