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Since the Houser Brothers and Leslie Benzies are gone, what can be really expected for the next GTA ?


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My personal feeling in regards to RDR2's controls was that, they were clunky at first, but once you got the hang of the controls and you knew how the animations worked and what buttons did what, then the game played really smoothly and felt fine.

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1 hour ago, Spider-Vice said:

The way the RDR2 controls feel is subjective.

yes but the general consensus was that if people had something to criticize it was the clunkyness of the controls (most reviews etc.)


also idk who is idolising anyone? It's just that the brand doesn't mean anything, it's the people behind it and now suddenly so many of them are gone + the low success rate from recent years of new people taking over famous IP's + the article about things being very different, unclear and a mess - hence the concern


but whatever, let's see what happens

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3 minutes ago, GRANDHEIST said:

yes but the general consensus was that if people had something to criticize it was the clunkyness of the controls (most reviews etc.)

Even if you go back to the Vice City/San Andreas days, you can see many people didn't like the way they controlled. The RAGE era GTA/RDR games also have detractors due to their animation priority.

On the contrary, Max Payne 3 is considered one of the best third person shooters ever made. That game was designed by Sergei Kuprejanov, Rob Nelson, you know, the same guys who were some of the design leads for GTAV/RDR2. It's purely dependent on their design choice.


And barely any review (probably 5-10 out of 90+ reviews) talked about RDR2's animation priority in controls, probably because it feels exactly like a Rockstar title.

Also, the default sensitivity, deadzone and acceleration settings were terrible. Tweaking them made the game more than playable.

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It does concern me for the future of story telling in R* games.


People rightly point out that Dan Houser wasn’t the only writer, and Leslie Benzies had many senior designers working with him. So in theory, there’s no reason why they can’t continue as before or even get better.


However there are two other important factors in any big organisation: leadership, and political clout.


Leadership matters. It sets the culture and direction for your organisation. Change the people right at the top and you can see a big change even if the majority of the talent beneath is the same. This can be good or bad.


The more worrying thing for me is political clout upwards - and this being lost.


RDR2’s story was immense, and the single player mode more expansive than the last few games that came before it. This is despite the obvious income potential demonstrated by GTAO. Commercially, many might have expected them to go in the opposite direction. This is speculation on my part, but I strongly suspect Dan Houser knew it would be his last story at R*, and steamrollered through exactly what he wanted - a sprawling epic of a narrative.


Dan Houser stands a much better chance of getting away with giving Take2 the metaphorical finger and doing whatever he wanted - having been a leader there for so long and having a major financial stake in the outcome.


People like Humphries and Unsworth may be just as good writers as Dan, but will they have the same political clout?


Almost certainly not.


So if Take2 say - and it’s not implausible - “we want less story and more online”, who is going to tell them to “eff off” and get away with it?



Edited by Jimbatron
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