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TXD and DFF files bug


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I have a problem installing skins to characters, I've tried everything I know it could have fixed it out but nothing. Yesterday I was playing normaly, later I wanted to install some skin mods using Crazy IMG editor, and Magic TXD, everything ok, I try some skin mods and everything was fine. But the problem started when I tryied to edit some skins using 3D max 2010, but as a newbie in these stuffs I don't know how to use the program so I decided to uninstall it, before I did that I keep searching for some other skins that I would like to test, I opened Crazy IMG Editor, extracted the .TXD and .DFF, then I checked it in the game to take a look and I see this   Skin bug  I tested with other skins and I got the same problem, with cars and weapons I don't have this problem, I've reinstalled the game, I go back to a restore point, I delete those programs as Crazy IMG Editor and Magic TXD but nothing I do seems to work, the only solution that I see here is to format my PC but I don't want to risk all my files and documents just for a st-pid game and his tons of bugs. One thing that I figure out is that the orinentation from the skin mods are wrong, and the original skins are ok, I don't know if that's the problem (I just use Zmodeler to take a look) Zmodeler view

In summary, I can't install skin mods to characters anymore, because every skin looks like this https://ibb.co/yVNfbfq

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