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GTA3 requires 12MB video memory


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Certainly not a new problem, I've read about it everywhere but I just can't get the game to work, so I signed up for this forum in the hope that you can help me.


I've got the original CD and tried the following on two different pc's:
Installed it on my Win10
- as many old games Win10 there is no response when trying to start the game. Apparently it has something to do with anti-theft which Win10 doesn't support.
- changing compatibility and running as admin
-downloaded (and put in the right directory) both the SilentPatchIII and SilenPatchDDraw.

-uninstalled and reintstalled


Since this is not the first game I tried getting to work, I've got a couple of shelves with fun games, I have installed WinXP on Virtualbox. To get the game to work I also installed Win2000 and on both systems I tried the following:
-changing compatibility
-changed DEP (until I read it was very unwise to do so)

-upgrading drivers (delivered by VirtualBox)
-downloaded (and put in the right directory) both the SilentPatchIII and SilenPatchDDraw.
-uninstalled and reintstalled

-checking DirectX version (9.0c on XP and 9.0 on 2000)

-looking for a registry key about directdraw but it wasn't there



I don't think that I have to tell anyone that I have more than enough video memory.
There is also a video memory error for Vice City but I figured that if we can get GTA 3 working, I will also be able to get Vice City working.
San Andreas is working without problems on Win10.

I would gladly hear any suggestions.

Edit: I see I ended up in the guides section but I don't know how to move it to the help section.

Edited by Skyeye
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  • 2 months later...
cant remember

Don't know if you're still looking for help with this but running in VirtualBox won't work, the virtual WinXP cannot access your real hardware.


Running old WIndows games is a PITA the only real suggestion I can give is to get an old laptop or PC that can run WIndows XP and that will make all the other games you're struggling with playable too.

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