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GTA SA flickering lights in las venturas


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Hey everyone so i got this issue with flickering street lamps in las venturas and im not sure whats causing it i thought it might be 2dfx but removing it didnt change anything maybe im stupid and its a feature ? It only happens there and only with the white glowing street lamps. Also ive set Stream Memory to 2048 in MixSets


heres a list of all the graphics or texture mods i use not sure if all of them are relevant to this issue but i wanted to include them for easier troubleshooting


RoSA Project Evolved
Proper Fixes
Improved and Fixed Original Vegetation
Project Immerse-Yourself
Proper Vehicles Retex
Revamped Vehicles Project
Proper Player Retex
AI Upscaled Characters
Mobile Hands
INSANITY Characters
Original Peds Vary(Upscale HD version)
SkyGfx Extended
Real Skybox
Project2DFX + improved
Combat FX Upgrade
ECG – Enhanced Classic Graphics
GTA SA NextGen Remaster Weapons



Pc specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 Super

OS: Windows 10

Ram: 16 gb

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Evil empire

Did you install a bunch of mods before the problem appeared?


Uninstall some mods, check if the problem remains etc.

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