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Do you want Heists to return?


Do you want GTA V-Styled Heists to return?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want GTA V-Styled Heists to return?

    • Yes, as a major mechanic
    • Yes, but downplayed and shrunken to only a few heists in the game
    • No, but I would like there to be a heist mission in VI
    • No heists at all!

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I'm sure someone's made this topic before, but I'll ask again if that's the case!

Would you want Heists to return as a gameplay mechanic in GTA VI? Be it either with them having a decent focus again, or having it just return for a mission or two.

Personally, I'd be open to the idea of them returning, perhaps not being as major as they are in V, but I feel like the whole crew mechanic & setup missions of the heists were a little underdeveloped in V, namely in the unlockable crew member department, so in that regard I think I'd wanna see them return for maybe a couple of heists, but be given just as much respect as V's heists were given, with you being able to unlock crew members and such.

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Gettin up

I'm sure there will be heists, but I don't want them to be as major theme as they were in V.

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I want zero heists in the next game. Not because I dislike heists, far from it. I just rather they focus on something completely different for the next GTA, have something else be to VI what heists were to V. 

Edited by AkshayKumar
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Speaking for online specifically, they should at least make them a lot less of a slog overall if so. No paying for the setup either.

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Every single GTA game has a great heist, so... yea. The focus shouldn't be around them this time like V, but it definitely should have one

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Paper Mario
18 hours ago, Gettin up said:

I'm sure there will be heists, but I don't want them to be as major theme as they were in V.



i am not sure why i dislike them so much.. probably because the characters associated with them are so annoying to listen to everytime.. And I have only done a couple maybe. I only replayed Perico a ton because of the money. The setting is up takes forever and the missions feel more like a chore rather than a fun experience. Only the final end heist could be fun i think, but i don't want to bother

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Yes, but it shouldn't be the main theme this time, and make it a side mission/activity. San Andreas and IV prove that one or two heists are enough.


Also, it's better be an open-ended scenario like Cayo Perico and not as restrictive as the OG heist in GTA V. Allow us to use any vehicle we want, any getaway route we want, steal what we actually want, and leave what seems useless. Heist crew should be optional assistants too that we recruit throughout the story instead of having many available in the beginning. 

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No heists are overdone by now and should go, the business and ceo aspects should be added to single player because there's not enough methods to make repeated income in single player like online. It's already super bare bones at end game with little to do in multiple GTA titles already, and that should be changed. Its pretty much abandoned without mods.

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Heists were cool but i wouldn't want it to be so promenent in GTA VI because how predictable they are sometimes.

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No more heists. I've had enough of them in V/Online

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The issue I had with heists is that it was never on our terms, it was always as an errand to someone else. I’d like for them return and more of a side activity similar to home invasion from San Andreas. WE make the terms, WE chose the team, WE keep the money, and WE do it how WE want to. No more f*cking annoying ass f*cking assholes telling us we’re too stupid to figure sh*t out in our own.

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I liked the heists but not the filler missions planning them.

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one last dance with the trio either this dec or the next. summer dlc's seem filler now until vi

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I enjoy heists, even the preps… like to see at least a couple in GTA VI….I agree with cutting back on them though in comparison to the amount in V/online. 


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You've got to have at least one heist in there, man.

I don't think they could do them how they were done in V though, lest the game feels like a sequel.

I mean, GTA V is the dog's ballocks, but those heists are just bollocks, you know, with the setups and everything. Those are bloody pants, especially the Online ones.


To be honest, my wish list of things never really concerns things like missions or story. I'm pretty happy with whatever in that sense even though I complain.

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I am sure they will be in the game on some level. Heists have such a big part of V and Red Dead 2 that personally I am kinda over them.

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what if they do a heist where you rob a train with robotic flying horses for the trololols


the wilder west dlc

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The Tracker

As long as they keep things grounded in them (In the leagues of "The Job" and "Three Left Clover"), give us different of approaches in them (But ACTUAL approaches, as seen in Online's last heists such as Diamond Casino's and Cayo Perico, and not the one-dimensional ones of GTA V's campaign) and they aren't AS excesive, It's fine for me. 


Regardless of anything, I want GTA VI to focus on drug dealing, gangs, cartels, smuggling, turf wars, etc, as main themes. No tactical government or military bullsh*t, no weapons with futuristic design, no James Bond-esque missions, no cars that feel like toys, and definitely not Trevor like protagonists again. Make this an actual open world crime game, not a dumb parody of one. 

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Guess Who Plays GTA

Something in the vein of GTA IV's Three Leaf Clover. But just one or two heist missions at most.

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Algonquin Assassin

I would rather one, well done heist like Three Leaf Clover, The Job etc, but as others have said not as a core component to the story like they were in GTA V.

GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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