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Questions about RedM


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I wasn't sure where to post this, and I can't seem to find a forum dedicated to RedM (the Reddit one is dead/closed?)


But does anyone here use RedM? I've only ever seen bits and pieces of it here and there, but I got a few questions I hope someone can answer.


1. Does it still work for new players? I've seen posts say that R* made changes that made it so no new PC users could join RedM, only existing users.


2. What is and is not in the RedM game compared to RDO? As in, are there levels/ranks like in RDO? Gold bars, tokens, roles etc? Or is it simply cash? What about the story mission or stranger missions? 

I watched someone play it some time ago and I don't remember seeing them having any mission on the map. It was an RP server and from what I could gather, you were given a bit of starting cash and that's it.


3. Do you have a camp with Cripps in RedM?


4. If you dont rank up etc, are all things unlocked in the catalogue? 


5. Can you buy your own server slot, or is that free? Last time I checked you could pay a few bucks a month or so to keep a private server on RedM with X amount of "slots" (user invites?) I think? 


If you run a server on your own where you can invite people etc, can you set the rules too? Like, can you decide how much cash people start with, etc? Or is this the same amount for everyone across the entire RedM/RDO? Can you decide anything "in game" as an admin of a server? (cash, rank unlocks etc)?


Sorry if some of these Qs are nitwitted. I'm just super curious as to how RedM works. It's been a very long time since I watched someone play it, and most youtube videos only touch upon getting started - not so much what the differences are between RDO / RedM.

I'm in the thinking box about getting a new laptop to play RDO/RedM on so that's why I'm so curious, incase it's worth it. As of now I'm on PS4, and while I really enjoy RDO, I would much rather either make or join an actual RP community and not a bunch of angry 14 year olds in white cloaks.

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