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Red Dead Revolver Needs A Great Remake! :)


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Whenever I see those Unreal Engine remake videos from Rockstar games I have to puke. Makes me sick. Looks disgusting.

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21 hours ago, Emmi said:

Whenever I see those Unreal Engine remake videos from Rockstar games I have to puke. Makes me sick. Looks disgusting.

Yeah but this is just an example. It would be great to have a good remake from this great classy! :)
For me is a good job from the people who did it, as a tribute.
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I wonder if a Red Dead Revolver remake would be much more grounded than compared to its original state. It would be interesting to see, but I doubt it happens. Most Red Dead fans are split from those who joined in with RDR2 and those who joined in with RDR 1, and as such those are the games they care about right now. It really is funny but most people, including most Red Dead fans, probably don't know of or care about Red Dead Revolver, despite it being an absolute gem. IMO it would never be prioritized over a potential Red Dead Redemption Remake, but I could see it being included in a collection of all the games with some minor enhancements. 

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Lemoyne outlaw

i would like that. red dead revolver is a fun little game. but it is kind of hard. and the controls are outdated. i would love to play it with rdr2 graphics. max payne is getting remade. so maybe they will do it for some of their other old games. as long as they don't use grove street games. the gaming world has very few western games. so it would be great to get to play another western game in modern graphics and controls. and it would give a chance for red dead fans to play a game that they may not have played. red dead revolver is the reason that we have the redemption games. so it deserves some love.

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