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Supply and Demand


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Can someone help me plz, I know it sounds lame, but I'm on the Supply and Demand mission and its doing my head in and I've lost patience with it.  


Is there anyone out that can help plz?

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1.With your orders in hand, go forward and step into the pink glow on the waterfront. A cut scene will begin and you'll end up at the wheel of the fastest boat again. Drive it forward and then north underneath the bridge. You should start to see a few other smaller speedboats now, so follow and then overtake them.


2.You want to be going down the river in-between the mainland and the golf course. Your passenger will start shooting at the competition soon, so forget about them and concentrate on driving. Keep following the river north all the way and speed towards your destination, which is a larger boat.


3.After that you'll only have control of the aiming and shooting a gun. Don't stop shooting as you have a never-ending supply of ammunition. Concentrate on the boat closest to you, specifically the man standing up with a gun. If you get him the boat poses no threat. Now blow them both up.  


4.You may have time for a short breather now. Turn around and lookout for a line of people on a wooden jetty on the west side of the river. The moment you can see red barrels, shoot them.


5.Now a helicopter will come to attack you. Concentrate on

hitting the glass cockpit, and the man hanging out to shoot you. If you get him the helicopter is useless, and you can simply blow it up.


6.A moment later there will be a speedboat in front of you. This is the final thing to destroy, so don't worry about your boat's health too much. Simply pepper it with gunfire, focusing on the gunner as before. Now just wait until you arrive back where you started.

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Thanks. I've actually done it in bits, just a case of trying to put all together and running out of patience.  Was actually hoping to take the easy way out and seen people on here sending savegames to people and was hoping for someone to maybe help me in the same way. :blush:

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that mission is certainly a gutwrenching one, even if you've

done it a few times. i always find my heart beating a mile a

minute after i complete it for the 5th time or more. :D

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Pancho the great

Yeah it is quite difficult it took me bout 6 times the first time I did it, and the second time I started the game it took me 2 times, so it is quite difficult.

user posted image


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Those boats handle like ---T.  

Don't give up, keep trying.  Don't take the easy way out.

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You may want to switch to first person view when 'flying' the boat. That way, you see what's mostly ahead of you and not what the stupid camera view which takes time to catch up. Works for me in all boat missions including Checkpoint Charlie.

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