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(discontinued) [DDK] DYOM Development Kit


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Why i left dyom


If you want to continue the project or especially if you are a novice programmer, feel free to send me a DM in Discord (Tori#1027) and I will assist you with the source code and also add you as a contributor to the GitHub repository. I will always be open to help and provide new opportunities for everyone.

Since the project will no longer be developed by me, I will reveal which tools would be developed next in the DDK:


AuDYOM: an online library for sound effects and quality music for DYOM related projects.


HelpCenter: an extensive FAQ for problems encountered in DYOM, DYOM#, DYOM IX, DYOM REd, DDK and the like, with their respective solutions.


Workshop: A workshop with community published assets. Very similar to Steam's workshop, with the design inspired by Garry's Mod internal workshop.


CallSheet: something similar to an Excel sheet, but containing all objects, skins, cars and other content present in DYOM that are possible to customize/replace.


Transmission: automatic translator of DYOM.dat files into other languages.


Writer: similar to Final Draft, Fade In and StudioBinder. A script-writing software focusing on the limitations of DYOM (number of digits in dialogs, number of actors, objectives, etc.)


old thread:


(Work In Progress)


DYOM Development Kit


What is it?

For a long time, making missions in DYOM, although not a complicated task, was somewhat exhausting, especially when you wanted to make very complex and large missions. Notable members of the community, such as SIZZZ, have developed add-ons that provide shortcuts and features that make mission creation impressively easy. Today, using DYOM# is considered a must for most of the designers.


The DYOM Development Kit (DDK) was inspired by DYOM# and the idea that the more practical and user-friendly the mission development process is, the more high-quality missions will be released. The goal of this project is to make the use of DYOM even simpler and less frustrating for new players, consequently bringing loyal and active members into the community.


The idea behind the development of each tool composed in the DDK is that it needs to help a problem that junior designers face, while at the same time be useful for senior designers in terms of productivity and speed.



The tools

Release date: June 06,  2022

AuDYOM is a library of music and sound effects that can be useful in your DYOM projects.


Looking for sound effects online is not a very pleasant task, many free SFX sites are rather outdated and hard to find the right sound. AuDYOM provides an audio search system that indexes the title, author, and tags of each audio in our database, making the search for audios easier. Our team searches for the best audios for the DYOM missions, so you don't have to do the work.


New audios are added constantly, and we also accept audio requests. To suggest an audio click on "Request an audio" or log in to our Discord server and go to #audio-requests



Release date: August 2022

My favorite project :)



Release date: August 2022

A very helpful thing.



Release date: December 2022

Better than Excel!



Release date: January 2023

Sabe a ferramenta que você acabou de usar para ler esse texto em inglês? É sobre isso.



Release date: July 2023

That's my final draft...


See roadmap





Download DYOM Development Kit v0.1.0

View source code




[June 06, 2022] - Release of v0.1.0 (Alpha)


DYOM Development Kit

  • First public alpha release
  • Authentication system
  • Latest TDJ article viewer
  • Issue reporting
  • Basic window settings
  • Released only for Windows OS



  • Simple search indexing half-done
  • Download and play any audios
  • Offline stream detection
  • Audio request page
  • 500+ audios added to database



Join our Discord



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If you're receiving a warning from SmartScreen or any other antivirus software, don't worry, there is no malicious code in the program. Here's a detailed explaination on why that is happening.


I already submitted the software for analysis, and it will take some hours, or maybe a couple days. I will post a update when the analysis is done.








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8 hours ago, The Half-Blood Prince said:



23 hours ago, Yasir_RFL said:

This looks very helpful, will test it soon.


Thanks :)


Update: I've made a roadmap for letting you all know which are the next features that will be implemented in the future versions. Link for it: https://github.com/Toriality/DDK/blob/main/Roadmap.MD

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