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I'm leaving DYOM...


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Why i left DYOM


old thread:





Welcome to The DYOM Journal!

In this weekly journal, we will discuss the DYOM community, new events coverage, mission and storyline reviews, and also tips on how to develop missions with better storywriting, sound, design and cinematography.


Articles are posted every Sunday at 10 PM (GMT -03:00)


Feel free to give suggestions and feeback!

List of published articles

July, 2022


PatrickW and Dutchy2002
Development of Design Your Own Mission mod


Halter and Darkmorgan
Development of DYOM IX and other new versions


All DYOM members
For all the effort in making great missions, add-ons and other contributions to keep this community alive


Main writer, Portuguese-Brazil translator


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🇧🇷 Traduzir

The DYOM Journal



The beginning

On March 27, 2022, I had just finished making my first two pages for my Information Systems college thesis.


It was a cloudy day. It was quiet and a bit boring, just like every Sunday. I had reserved my whole afternoon to do the first pages of the thesis, but I finished it early, in only two hours, so I had the whole rest of the afternoon free.


It was after buying a chocolate bar at the pharmacy that an idea came to me: "What if I wrote an article about camera positioning and posted it on the DYOM forum?" This idea comes up most likely because I had watched several videos on cinematography last night.


And while I was writing and doing my research for the article, I came across DYOM IX version 3.1, one of my favorite since it added the Zoom feature and cutscene camera lens adjustment. I started writing about Darkmorgan's disappearance and the hiatus that DYOM IX development was on at the time, and then I thought, "OK, maybe I'm straying a bit from the main topic..."


And soon after I came across a survey about what people consider as art and what they don't. The result of the survey was interesting and I started to write a little bit about it in the same text file and, I thought, "Now I'm definitely losing the focus".


But that didn't discourage me from writing the article, what happened was that I thought that instead of writing just one, maybe I could do it weekly, and then create a journal with news about the DYOM community, missions reviews, and other things that I can think of.




For a few months I tried to decide what would be the best way to distribute such content. My first idea was to make the texts in Microsoft Word and when ready, paste them into GTAForums. But text formatting in Word is a bit tedious and I would probably have to make several style adjustments before posting. It was then that I came up with the idea of creating my own website for the newspaper.




Still, it was not 100% what I wanted. Maintaining a website and being the developer, administrator and writer of articles all at the same time would not work, and one day or another I would give up on the project.


At the moment, the most practical alternative I have is to write the articles in .MD (Markdown) — language very close to HTML — revise and store them on GitHub and finally, when ready, post them on the forum.



The content

During all this time I didn't know exactly how the format and content of the articles would be, or better yet, even today I don't know very well. I can say that I have many articles already written, ready to be revised and then posted. It is uncertain, however, the main purpose of this journal, because sometimes it is an almost journalistic work with robust data and sources, sometimes it is a short article to interact with the community, or sometimes I write just to vent and say what comes to mind.




Perhaps uncertainty and unpredictability is the essence of this journal.



Final words

Thank you very much for reading this far. I hope this project can bring a little entertainment and information to you.


This thread will always be open for article suggestions and also criticism and feedback on posted articles.


So, what did you think of this article? What would you like to see next week?


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I am leaving the DYOM community.


When I was 8 years old, around 2008, my favorite thing to do in my spare time was to download and play random mods for GTA San Andreas. And gosh, from what I remember, I had a lot of time to spare.


One of my favorite mods at the time was Planter. I loved adding various objects around the map, then having a war with various pedestrians. After a while it got boring, and I wanted something more complicated to do in GTA, and that's when I somehow found DYOM.


As I write this article I tried to look for missions that I did back then, and surprisingly they are still on the site:




My English has improved a bit since then, apparently.


Without a doubt, DYOM was one of the programs that got me interested in game development and art creation in general. And when I stopped using the mod, probably because I got sick of playing so much, I started my journey as a Game Dev kid, but I didn't get very far, you can imagine why.


For much of the 2010's era, I focused on creating maps for games that were modifiable.  To be more specific, Postal 2.


I made numerous maps for Postal 2, but unfortunately lost the files when I had to format my PC in late 2013. I remember trying to remake the maps in 2016 but never finished this project.




The last 7 years have been very difficult. Every year things got gradually worse -- depression, psychological problems, family problems, and other personal problems -- it all snowballed until the apex came: the 2020 pandemic.


For me, dealing with the pandemic was not that different from my pre-pandemic daily life. My college is online and I have no friends to go out with, so everything was the same, with one exception, my parents stayed home more, which was not very good for me (family problems). But at that time I met someone who helped me through it all, not a cure for my problems, but certainly her company made everything easier to deal with.


But this friendship came to a definite end at the end of 2021, the worst year ever for me.


To try to escape from reality I sought shelter in childhood dreams. That dream of being a game developer, of creating things and bringing art to life. That's how I remembered DYOM, because it was the beginning of it all.


So I downloaded DYOM. Again.


I remember I spent at least a month and a half doing missions for myself, just to pass the time and forget about everything.


After doing some more research, I saw that this forum existed, and that there was an event going on called MOTW. I was happy to know that this game that I discovered more than a decade ago has not yet been forgotten and abandoned.


The MOTW in question was this:



I joined the server on Discord, but didn't talk much, other than...




Communication was never my strength.


From here on out, I will try to be careful with my words, as I don't want to be unfair to people and generalize...


From the very beginning, I realized that there was a somewhat different community in that place. It wasn't a toxic anarchy like you see in some game community servers out there, but it wasn't a very welcoming place either. Every now and then intrigues would happen for futile reasons or pure ego.


It is as if the DYOM server was a twitter if the twitter had only 10 active people. 


I ignored this image I was getting from the community because I had many plans with DYOM and I did not want to get discouraged.


At the beginning of this year I came up with the idea for the DYOM Development Kit.


Since every programmer is a frustrated and lazy artist, I decided to program a software that would make the creation of this art (missions in DYOM) simpler for everyone.


Along with the development of this tool I started to write articles related to DYOM, as I thought it would be a good idea since I really like to write and research random stuff. One of my researches that I would publish in the coming weeks was done in April, and the topic was about the server support channel. In this article I collected about 400 messages from the channel and made a graphical analysis of the most reported problems. The resolution was as follows:




There is also another project that I will not reveal yet as it is being discussed with the moderators. I will finish its code before leaving DYOM for good.


Back to the DDK, when I published the first version, that feeling that the community was a bit of a strange place and that I was perhaps a little too detached from reality became a little clearer.


I don't want to be misunderstood, I am grateful for many things that have happened here. My writing has definitely improved. I managed to finish a script for the first time. I did a mission that I am very fond of, which is the Landslide Victory. I learned countless things about programming by doing this software. I made my first desktop software (I was a web developer before DYOM). That will never be taken away from me and I owe you this phase of my life.


Despite everything, I can't quite find myself here. As much as I try, and I've tried a lot, there will always be this strange feeling.


I would like to give my special thanks to Andrej, RithRake, THBP, Stardust101, RedBaron, Detonario and Yasir_RFL as they are one of the kind and helpful people in this community.


Thanks for reading, have a wondeful day 💚

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Oh man, I finally got to read this...

I really wish you get peace in life and find a good passion with a great community. 

Well, I.. We'll be always here for ya mate! You are one of my best mate, take care of yourself.

And one more time but not the last:


a afolou


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Well, I am sad that you're leaving. You've made some of the coolest missions I've played in quite some time. Thank you for all your contributions to our community. I hope you find happiness elsewhere. Peace brother.

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Dust Rathard

Hey man, if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm always here for you

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31 minutes ago, Rathard said:

Hey man, if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm always here for you


Much thanks. Same for you, I'm here if u need anything. :)

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Hope that you'll find some other work that will give that much fun as DYOM. Great website maker anyway :) create an Fiverr acc and earn money cuz you have talent. Cheers and take care :) 

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I read it all, i wish you the best my friend, may you find happyness in whatever you choose to do, don't forget to visit every now and then, lastly but not least: afolou. Take care, if you ever need anyone to talk to, you can talk to me as well, have a nice day! :)

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The John David

I'm quite optimistic for all what you said here. You know, everybody has a reason to left this community or not. Life is drastically changing, not only because of this pandemic or in other crisis that the world faces? But we also have an ability to adapt our own circumstances in our lives as well, such as doing revenue or other stuffs, or got bored playing videogames all day or maybe trying something new else than sticking to the old habit. And yes, we all aware that people these days suffered from severe emotional distress, depression, jobless, and lack of motivation.


I would like to say that I wish you good health and hope for your best to live. There are plenty of ways you can change or motivate yourself. As the matter of fact, don't lose hope.

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